Today's Opinions

  • Diligently watch for underage drinking

    To the editor:
    Summer break is here, with carefree days of fun and freedom from the responsibilities and regimentation of the school day. This week is also National Prevention Week, designed to remind us how powerfully we can all make a difference in preventing substance abuse and promoting overall mental health and well being, and today’s emphasis is on underage drinking.

  • Informed voting

    To the editor:
    Now that we know what “marriage” is, we can place this into the same context as what we must eat! Let’s see what’s next. I know we’ve been told wat kind of car we must buy, but let’s go a little further. What sporting event must we go to? Maybe we should eliminate opera, classical music and just listen to jazz!
    Christian values are almost ancient history, let’s forget who we are and live whatever way we want to! Can you imagine the slippery road we are going down? Come on people! Wake up!

  • Preserving our rights

    To the editor:
    I am a lifelong resident of Harrison County. Upon graduating from Harrison County High School, I chose to stay here and I have worked in the city of Cynthiana all of my adult life.
    I am a smoker. Years ago, I enjoyed smoking freely in restaurants, public places, grocery stores, etc. Now, I respectfully would not enter any business, building or home smoking or expect to smoke in a business, building or home without knowing that it was allowed.

  • Farms need kids like the world needs food

    Silly lawmakers, don’t they know that agriculture is just as much for kids as it is for adults?
    This past Monday, a few of my coworkers came to my office  to ask me what I thought of a proposed law that was trying to be past, which would basically eliminate child help on the farms.
    After a few choice words slipping from my mouth, which I directed toward any person who would even toy with such an idea, I began to think how I would have turned out minus the farm background.

  • Do some research

    To the editor:
    Thanks to Irving Welchons II for writing about something that has bugged me for 50 years.

  • Business park not a bust

    To the editor:
    I am responding to your article in the May 10 issue of The Cynthiana Democrat entitled, “Don’t start it unless you know you can finish it.” Your statement, “bad spending that has been done in the past and the lack of enthusiasm for correcting possible bad investments” is an incorrect assessment of the situation. I would like to reply for the record...

  • Former Cynthiana chief to be honored in Police Memorial Ceremony on Tuesday

    It was well before my time, July 29, 1939, when Cynthiana’s police chief responded to what is today considered a “domestic” situation.
    The 25-year veteran police officer approached the property where a man was abusing a teenage girl. As he was getting out of his car, he was shot in the back by the man who was hiding in his barn.
    Chief George Dickey died of his injuries.
    He will be remembered during a police memorial service in Richmond on Tuesday, May 22.

  • Don’t vote on name recognition

    To the editor:
    The last time the federal budget was passed before the beginning of the fiscal year was 1994.  How hard can it be to make a budget when you borrow over one third of what you spend?  There are frequent reports of politicians and bureaucrats spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on trips and entertainment.  Pet projects costing millions are routinely added to unrelated legislation.  If you pay taxes it is your money that is being wasted.