Today's Opinions

  • Boasting about skiing prowess leaves writer flailing

    Every once in a while, I have the pleasure of writing a column that has small traces of comical relief.
    Most of those columns steer clear of making me look anymore naïve or goofy than I already do. However, this is one tale that is simply too funny to keep among such a small group of people.
    Two weekends ago, I had the pleasure of accompanying my best friends and their parents to their get-away home located near Lake Cumberland.
    The week before we left confirms that I am still like a child the night before Christmas. The suspense was almost too much.

  • Elderly depend on Senior Citizen Center

    To the editor:
    I am 94 years old, live alone and need the help I receive from your home care staff. The do my shopping, cleaning, and laundry. They also run errands for me, like picking up my medication and other things I need. They never complain about doing extra things. You have a good group of workers. Please do everything you can to keep them working.
    Gladys Howard


  • Thanks from the Fillies Softball team

    To the editor:
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for its support throughout the 2012 HCHS Fillies Softball season. We had a very successful season, and it’s with the help of our community that we have been able to do that. I would like to especially thank all the local businesses that purchased an outfield sign.  

  • We have an obligation to our elderly

    To the editor:
    On behalf of the Harrison County Senior Citizens’ Center and as a member of their Board of Directors, I believe it imperative that the community be made aware of the dire financial situation in which the Center finds itself. There is a very real danger that our services will be cut or severely limited due to lack of funding.

  • Support our Senior Citizen Center

    To the editor:
    I am a 82-year-old widow, taking treatments for cancer, have a very low income. I depend on help from the home care ladies at the Senior Citizen Center. They do my shopping, my laundry, and my cleaning, also three baths per week. I need these services to stay in my home. I urge you to do everything you can to keep the center open. These ladies go above and beyond to help the elderly people like myself to stay in their homes. Thaey take money out of their own pockets to get things we need. I also receive meals three times a week. This is a lot of help to me.

  • Senior Citizen Home Care is needed

    To the editor:
    I am home bound.
    I depend on Senior Citizen Home Care to help with my cleanning, do my laundry and other tasks I can not do.
    Please don’t do away with this program.
    Matie Caudill

  • Trying a new 'cup of tea' may just suprise you

    By: Kristie Hammon

  • Father's Day gift

    To the editor:
    On Monday, June 11, 2012 the Herald-Leader reported a Ford Tri-Motor airplane would fly from the Bluegrass Airport for three days. From 1926 to 1933 a total of 199 of these planes were built. Only eight from the total manufactured are still airworthy. The old plane coming to Lexington could be toured free, but a few minutes flight over Lexington would cost $80.