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  • Todd P’Pool for Attorney General

    To the editor:
    Todd P’Pool, Republican candidate for Attorney General, was born in Madisonville, Ky. on June 22, 1973. Todd grew up around the same western Kentucky coal fields that provided for his family for four generations. In 1995 Todd earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Kentucky College of Business and Economics and graduated from U.K. College of Law.

  • It gets sweeter as the days go by

    Well, I made it or really I should say, we made it.
    A whole year in the books with plenty more for sure.
    My wife and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary last Monday.
    Looking back over the past year I found it humorous and encouraging at how we have adapted and learned to live with one another.
    Now, I know that seems kinda harsh to say, but anyone who is married or has been married will agree with me when I say that getting married takes some major adjustment to work smoothly.

  • Everyone just wants to be ‘liked’

    No body wants to be the last person picked for any team. I know, I was usually the scrawny, freckle-faced, redhead who was the left-over player.
    I wasn’t ever really “picked” because I was what was left.
    It’s all about being “liked.”
    Now, nearly 50 years later, being liked has a new avenue of validation. It’s called facebook.
    I don’t spend a lot of time on facebook with the whole social networking thing, but it has proven a great way to catch up with some old friends and to stay in touch with new ones.

  • Federal troops form Camp Frazer

    By: Bill Penn

  • Grime’s goal

    To the editor:

  • I salute and support Johnson for Secretary of State

    To the editor:
    I love living in Kentucky. This was not my birth state nor where I grew up but for the past 11 years, it has been my and my husband’s home. He doesn’t get to enjoy it as much as I do because he is serving in the Army in another state. Being a veteran myself, as is my father, two of my brothers and my father-in-law, I hold service to one’s country in the highest regard. Whenever I look at a field of candidates for public office, this is one of my first questions: Did the candidate serve America to the best of his or her ability?

  • Don’t check the box next to David Williams

    To the editor:
    David Williams is exactly who we do not need as governor of Kentucky. A fat-cat career politician who has done nothing for this state except ensure we live in the dark ages.
    Voters, ask yourselves, what has David Williams ever done for me or my community. I think most will find the answer is nothing. If he is so great, one would think after all of his years in office our state would be in better shape than it is now. It is not. He is an obstructionist to progress and he has lived off the taxpayers long enough.

    Jean-Ann Kerr

  • A special thanks from the heart

    To the editor:
    I received my new heart in May 2011 and I’m now on my way to recovery.
    I want to specifically thank our local 911 dispatchers (234-7100 for non-emergency calls) for helping us the night I got the call to get to Louisville as soon as possible for my new heart. Since I had a limited time window to reach the hospital, the local dispatchers assisted in transferring a call to the Georgetown/Scott County dispatch for assistance.