Today's Opinions

  • Vote "no" on Chandler

    To the editor:
    Ben Chandler has spent more time learning about global warming in luxurious and exotic locales than he has ever spent or will spend anywhere near a coal mine. And he didn’t have to pay for one cent of it. Most was provided by taxpayers, the rest by environmental groups anxious to shutter our coal-fired power.

  • Praise to the HCHS football team

    To the editor:
    Does the final score on the scoreboard determine the winner? Regardless of the final score Friday night the Harrison County Thorobreds walked away winners. In a game that was David vs. Goliath the Thorobreds played with heart and made their fans proud! What a fine group of young men who have faced many trials this season and still gave it their all. What a wonderful reflection on Coach Carr and the coaching staff. When all is said and done, no matter how the season ends, these boys are winners in the game of life.

  • On the campaign trail

    Will the madness stop?
    Each year at election time, the commercials and news clips become almost unbearable. Well, not almost, most assuredly unbearable.
    Enough with the mudslinging!
    Tell me why I should vote for your candidate. What makes him qualified for the position?
    Also with each election comes the Democrat’s practice of accepting candidate endorsement letters to the editor.
    Highlight the word “endorsement.”

  • Physicians could face issues with House Bill 1

    By: Dr. Don R. Stephens, M.D.
    Senator R.J. Palmer recently defended passage of House Bill 1-commonly referred to as the “Pill Mill Bill” - and said the law contained “common sense” requirements for physicians who prescribe certain controlled substances. Despite his attempts at defending the bill, however, every physician, medical provider, medical facility and patient knows the law’s mandates have created unnecessary burdens and cost that clearly need to be corrected.

  • Well paid should never complain about wages

    As a way of sparking some potential interesting letters to the editor, I would like to offer up the conversation regarding the current situation in the NFL.
    Love them or hate them, they are just as much part of any game played as the athletes are.
    Take referees out of a game and we would be stuck watching a variation of the ultimate fighter in most cases... which could prove to be interesting in some cases.

  • Using dowsing technique to determine melon’s ripeness

    Sometimes I’m left scratching my head and feeling like perhaps somewhere there is a camera filming my reaction to some silly situation.
    As I’ve said before, this is my second year growing a box garden in my backyard.
    Last year it was tomatoes and herbs. This year, tomatoes, watermelon and cantaloupe.
    I didn’t know what to expect when I planted the melons. Certainly not that they would overflow the box and stretch into my yard.
    But they did.

  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Put to the metal?
    6. British rule over India prior to 1947
    9. Gas giver
    13. Grooves in rocks, e.g.
    14. Flightless bird
    15. Mr. in Mexico
    16. Arm-__-___
    17. ___ Kempner, famous socialite
    18. Speak one’s mind
    19. From times long ago
    21. *”Anna Karenina” author
    23. ___ date
    24. C&H crop
    25. Pacquiao move, e.g.
    28. a.k.a. “The Biggest Little City in the World”
    30. Preserve, as in body

  • Crossword Puzzle


    1. Fastener
    6. Hermey, e.g.
    9. Thunderous character
    13. One who avoids company
    14. ___ Kilmer
    15. Southern chicken stew
    16. Grossly unconventional
    17. One of Bo Peep’s flock?
    18. Daytime host
    19. *Peter or Lois or one of their children
    21. Onion-like bulb
    23. Blue feeling
    24. Better ____ Ezra, band
    25. DNA transmitter
    28. Alternative for Liz?
    30. *Todd or Tina or Timmy