Today's Opinions

  • Also apply common sense when using technology

    If memory serves me correct, I believe I have stood on a soapbox before with words of judgment against and for technology.
    If I haven’t, please allow me to do so now.
    Technology. Wow. Cutting edge, interesting and all the more scary if you think about it.
    By no means am I an old person, but to think of how far along technology has come since I was five to now being 25, it simply blows my mind.

  • Not terrorists, just concerned

    To the editor:
    A funny thing happened to liberals on their way to socializing America. The American people rose up in protest, thus the Tea Party emerged.
    The movement started with small groups and grew until, on Sept. 12, 2009, a crowd estimated to number between 500,000 and one million people gathered on the mall in Washington, D.C.

  • Thanks to the Food Lion employees

    To the editor:
    We wish to publicly thank all the kind and courteous workers at Food Lion. We will miss all of you as you have always been kind and very helpful whenever we shopped there. We hate to see you leave. Good luck to all of you.

    Jean-Ann and Jeff Kerr

  • Lou Mary Marsh retires from Toddler Village Daycare

    To the editor:
    There are few times in life when you meet someone who has been so remarkable that it moves one to write to the editor to express those thoughts. Today is one of those rare occasions. This week, Lou Mary Marsh will retire from Toddler Village Daycare at Harrison Memorial Hospital after 20 years of service.

  • Redistrict outrages may face redress

    By: Al Cross

  • Taxation with Misrepresentation

    To the editor:
    One thing I have learned after 20 years in government service is that real change happens only if citizens get involved. People can become involved by contacting their elected officials and letting them know of their concerns. If enough people voice their opinion, elected officials will listen. If you take the time to vote someone into public office, you should take the time to let them know they are public servants. They are working for you.

  • Shame on Webb's attorneys

    Shame on Webb’s Attorneys

    To the editor:
    I can’t explain how I feel about the lawyers for Webb and what they are trying to say about this man who brutally killed a woman while her children were in the house. That his actions were due to him being a diabetic. Plus, because of this, it would violate the Americans with Disabilities Act to give him the death penalty.
    Well, did he give her a choice? No, he took her life and deprived her children a mother. So, I guess he had the right to this horrifying act; his disability made him do it.

  • Don't be too quick to say "no"

    “I don’t think so, but maybe next time.”
    “I really don’t think I will be able to make it.”
    The list goes on and on of phrases that we have all used when trying to get out of doing something or going somewhere.
    When we are young we tend to defer to more drastic measures such as dragging our feet, kicking, screaming and in some situations... biting.
    Nonetheless, children and adults both have their ways of trying to drop the hint of non-compliance.