Today's Opinions

  • Family thankful for help with relocation of son’s trailor

    To the editor:

  • With Obama’s historic win, prejudice is questioned

    To the editor:

    First of all I did not think that the headline of The Cynthiana Democrat on Thursday, Nov. 6, was very appropriate to state: “Obarna beats McCain, but not here. “

    I feel that the paper did not show good journalism, it was disrespectful, and not in good taste with many of the minority issues and relationships that still plague our communities in Kentucky.

    The news of the Obama victory only garnered enough interest from the paper to be on the third page along with the vote tally of the other candidates.

  • Prank could have caused injury or death

    To the editor:

    This is a letter to the kid on the school bus who threw the paint ball on the car traveling behind the bus.

    This is my sister-in-law and her husband. She was driving and the paint was all over the windshield and car. She could not see and there could have been a serious accident.

    They are an elderly couple, in very poor health and dearly loved by the community.

    When you do wrong it always comes back to you. If you don’t learn this now, you are going to have a sorry life.

    Gwen Whalen


  • Community support after loss of soldier is appreciated

    To the editor:

     As many people in our community know, Co. C of the 201st Engineer Battalion from Cynthiana is currently serving in Afghanistan.

  • You can help toy drive

    To the editor:

    Sign up for the Community Christmas Project toys was very large this year. We feel sure with the community’s help we can plan a better Christmas for the children. You can make a donation of money or a new toy.

    Contact Charlie Carson, treasurer, 234-1689.

    Charlie Carson



  • Thanks for the votes

    To the editor:

    I wish to say thanks to all of the citizens of Cynthiana for electing me to the City Commission on Nov. 4. Believe me, it made me feel great. I will work hard and will represent each and every one of you. Thanks again.

    Mark Mattmiller



  • Actions of young girls are good signs for the future

    To the editor:

    On Election Day I felt happy that I had voted. But my family had unpleasant health problems, so I decided to take a walk in the late afternoon sun on a back street.

    And then I found ‘my’ beautiful cat, who had been missing about two weeks, dead. I had last told him goodbye at daylight as I headed to Lexington.

    So with tears streaming down my face I slowly walked back to my home oblivious to two girls riding their quiet 4-wheeler.

  • Church, community join to help couple

    A concerned neighbor of an elderly couple bypassed her own needs and decided to step up to assist someone else in her community.

    The elderly couple was in desperate need of a new roof. Since they had limited funds and no means to pay for the job to be done, they were at the mercy of the weather.

    After several failed attempts to get the help her neighbors needed, she did not know where to turn next.