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  • Don’t sweat the turkey, and other fowl advice


    Spoiler Alert!  All seasoned, master cooks in our reading audience, this information will be old hat for you, but for lots of us who will soon be facing a great whitish blob sitting there on our cabinet expecting to be turned into a Norman Rockwellian masterpiece, the following is vital.

  • Viewpoint

    2016 is winding down. There’s only one more flip over for this year’s calendar to reach the final month.
    In just days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving followed a month later by Christmas.
    Before all those fun activities get underway, I’m making a call for historic photographs of all-things Cynthiana and Harrison County.

  • Endorsement letters

    To the editor:
    On Nov. 8, it will be my honor to vote again for Roger Slade for city commissioner. He has proven his dedication to our town by always being in attendance and providing assistance in all civic and community matters to ensure everything runs smoothly.
    As a commissioner, he listens to the concerns of all constituents and discusses with them any issues which might develop.
    As a young adult, he spent endless hours helping to restore the old city cemetery to honor many of our founding fathers.

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    I am, Alice Allen, a recently retired school teacher from Harrison County High School. As a citizen and former lobbyist with Blue Grass Area Development District during the Washington D.C. trip in 1998 for flood control after the “Flood of 97.”
    I endorse Jada Walker Griggs as City Commissioner of Cynthiana. Jada is an excellent mother, hard worker, and a child of God. Jada Griggs is a young leader ready to use her voice, energy, time and educational awareness for the improvement of our community and our citizens!

  • Viewpoint

    Tradition is a fickle thing.
    Some traditions are self-sustaining and important, some traditions might evolve and change slightly over time and some traditions are just, well, inane and might simply run their course and go away.
    Our family has traditionally exchanged presents and celebrated Christmas on the night before. That has remained unchanged.
    Other family traditions have been modified from year to year, with changing and growing families.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Viewpoint

    In recent columns I’ve touted the resurrection of our Maiden City and those who have been behind the push.
    Things happening in Cynthiana are wonderful. It has taken the right people doing the right things at the right time.
    I’m so very proud of those young minds as well as all of the volunteers -- young and old -- who have worked tirelessly to ensure that Cynthiana doesn’t become The Forgotten City.
    With that said, I want to turn to the school district.

  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Wisdom tooth, e.g.
    6. Slovenly abode
    9. ____ row
    13. “Leave me ____!”
    14. Lamb’s momma
    15. Chew out
    16. Stirs up
    17. *Reagan, to friends
    18. Extend subscription
    19. *Electoral entity
    21. *Election day
    23. Right-angle building extension
    24. Cat-headed Egyptian goddess
    25. British broadcaster
    28. Plural of locus
    30. Farmer’s turf, pl.
    35. Pale or bitter beverages
    37. 1960s boots