Today's Opinions

  • Ensure mail carrier safety

    To the editor:
    During the spring and summer months we all like to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Our pets may like to be outdoors also.  
    Although your dog may not be known to bite or otherwise be dangerous to people in general, dogs have been known to act in an unpredictable manner around postal letter carriers.
    Each year thousands of letter carriers receive bites or other physical harm from dogs. Many of these attacks result in serious injury.

  • Use common sense when celebrating independence

    I’ve never been a huge fan of fireworks.
    They scare me and I fear for the person setting them off. I just get nervous and jittery.
    I suppose I’ve written too many stories about the hazards of fireworks over the years; each one starting off with a horror story about something exploding before it should have, someone losing a finger or their body being burned.
    Not comfortable around fireworks doesn’t even come close to my fears.

  • Religions’ history is interesting read

    To the editor:
    If you’re really interested in any religion or cult (even though it’s a leftist idea?) read a book regarding the Mormon’s. It’s “The History of Mormonism.” Very interesting and enlightening. Also it’s polygamy.
    Ronald Dumm

  • Baseball coach appreciates support for team

    To the editor:

  • Hometown has much to offer for summer fun

    Summer’s here and the time is right, for dancing in the street.
    That’s right, it is definitely summertime in Harrison County.
    Summer, when I was younger, was without a doubt my favorite time of the year.
    Summer meant no more school for a few months and, to be honest, that was the bulk of why I chose summer as my favorite time of the year.
    Now that I am older, I guess fall would be my favorite time of the year due to it being the time of hunting.
    However, for the sake of the column, I will focus on summer and not what I prefer.

  • Drunk driving

    To the editor:
    As I was reading the paper today I wondered how many lives are we going to lose because of drunk driving? Do you think it is a coincidence that the number of wrecks has increased after the vote allowing people to buy liquor by the drink in Cynthiana? Think about it and if you are one of the people that voted to allow this, do you have trouble sleeping when you hear about people killed due to this this thing?

  • Please support Camp Hendon

    To the editor:
    In February 2011, our daughter, Rachel, was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes.

  • Cynthiana living up to small-town hospitality

    By: Kristie Hamon/Summer Intern