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  • Mailbag

    To the editor:

    A ‘Solar Farm’. Really a ‘farm’? Are you kidding me? Webster’s defines a farm as “1 a: a piece of land used for growing crops or raising livestock b: a body of water used for the cultivation of aquatic animals.

  • Viewpoint

    Elsewhere in the paper are some calendar reminders as they relate to the Nov. 8 general election.

    Those are dates from the Harrison County clerk.

    However, I have a couple more dates that will be important to candidates as they relate to the newspaper.

    We have always accepted candidate endorsement letters to the editor and that hasn’t changed.

    However, endorsement letters for a Cynthiana city commission hopeful from an out-of-county writer will not be printed.

  • Mailbag


    To the editor:

    We need to schedule a meeting for anyone interested in helping to maintain the Barlow Methodist Cemetery.

    Since the church has been torn down a cemetery association has been formed to help maintain the Barlow Cemetery. We are going to have a meeting in order to get organized and begin work.

    Some of the things that need to be done by the association are:

    1. Set up a mowing and maintenance schedule

  • Shopping local is economically sound


    With all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to forget about our wonderful small businesses downtown.  

    Cynthiana has come alive this year with so many great events. Visitors have come to our small town from all across the country. It is great to see these people on our streets, supporting our small businesses.  But I have to wonder, when was the last time you came downtown and supported your local small businesses?

  • Viewpoint

    As a retired teacher, I can remember when I was observed by the building principal or assistant principal.

    Most of the time, those observations came with advanced notification. After a few years, those became very easy. Plan a good lesson and implement it for the boss.

     Sometimes, however, the principal dropped in on a class in an unexpected fashion. Those were quite a bit more stressful. 

    Are you doing your job on a consistent basis, or just when someone’s watching?

  • Crossword puzzle solution
  • Crossword puzzle


    1. Savvy

    6. Churchill’s “so few”

    9. Wolf in Mexico

    13. Type of closet

    14. “____ to Joy”

    15. Giverny Impressionist

    16. Select by a vote

    17. Craggy peak

    18. Eight voices

    19. *Snow White’s posse

    21. *Kevin, Stuart or Bob

    23. *”Mr. ____body & Sherman”

  • Maysville Community and Technical College considers name change

    By Stephen Vacik, President, MCTC


    Some years ago, more than I really care to remember, there was a very popular advertising campaign for a camera company, with tennis star Andre Agassi as the celebrity spokesperson (he had hair and was really famous, millennials). The commercial showed Agassi playing both on and off the court, with the famous tag line, “image is everything.”  In other words, the way people view us matters.