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  • Newberry’s volunteer service proves he is the best candidate

    To the editor:

  • Parent thanks local businesses for supporting baseball teams

    To the editor:


    Sleep is nice.

    Some days, sleep is very nice.

    But sleep for some people, especially kids, isn’t so easy without a bed.

    Introducing the Build-A-Bed project.

    Volunteers from across the state of Kentucky will come together on May 8 at noon at the Kentucky National Guard headquarters in Frankfort, to begin a 24-hour bed-making blitz.

    Three beds will be donated to children in each county of Kentucky.

    Last year’s Build-A-Bed effort yielded 57 beds for kindergarten students through high school seniors.

  • Newberry disputes last week’s headline and letter from Peak

    To the editor:

  • Kuster is ‘best possible choice for District Court Judge’

    To the editor:

    I am happy to endorse Bill Kuster, candidate for District Court Judge. Bill has been a practicing attorney for 26 years in Harrison County and surrounding counties. As an active member of this community, he has held the positions of Assistant Commonwealth Attorney under Jack Keith, Assistant County Attorney under Bill Probus, and has served three terms as the Harrison County Attorney. His vast knowledge, integrity, and experience dealing with thousands of cases certainly qualifies Bill Kuster to be the best possible choice for District Court Judge.

  • County attorney is wasting time filing political complaints

    To the editor:

    Your “Sign Dispute” story on the front page of your newspaper left me wondering if Bill Kuster doesn’t have a lot better things to do with his time as our County Attorney other than filing a complaint against his political opponent for having a campaign sign larger than his. Shouldn’t he be prosecuting criminals and getting the drug dealers off of our streets downtown?

    Jacalyn Haymaker



  • County leaders are wasting our time and money

    To the editor:

    I cannot believe that our county leaders are wasting our time and money debating something as meaningless as how big a campaign sign can be. Who cares? We have huge problems in our town that get worse every year. Do something useful about the drug problem, the lack of jobs, and our crumbling downtown where our children have nothing to do. Stop wasting our money on some politician crying about his sign being smaller than his opponent’s sign, or he won’t be the only one looking for a new job after the elections this fall.

    Richard M. Karod

  • The best father you’ll ever have

    A dear friend recently lost his father and another friend commented that the “father thing” is huge, no matter the relationship.

    Those with good fathers mourn the goodness of the relationship and the sweet memories of good days gone by.

    Those with fathers who caused pain and turmoil in the family by their presence (or by their absence or indifference) mourn the relationship that never was but might have been.

    The father thing, indeed, is huge.