Today's Opinions

  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Fathom
    6. Priestly vestment
    9. Steinbeck’s “Of ____ and Men”
    13. Yogurt-based dip
    14. *James Dean famously died in one
    15. Dugout vessel
    16. Cupid’s ammo
    17. Business degree
    18. Rose oil
    19. *”Single Lady” no more
    21. *Famous for his pop art
    23. “Back To The Future” actress
    24. Mark of a ruler
    25. Equinox mo.
    28. *Michael Jackson’s record label
    30. Frog-like amphibians

  • Parent: Children need better examples from local leaders

    By Lisa Preston, Guest Columnist
    I am the mother of two teenage boys. I am the wife of a great husband and father to our boys. We have a nice life for the most part. We have never been divorced; we do not drink, smoke or do drugs. We believe in God, we both work everyday, have our kids in sports or outdoor activities (no video games). However, it has come to my attention recently that my kids are not perfect. Can you imagine?
    I was recently called by the school to be informed that my child was caught with an e-cigarette.

  • Easter weekend in Cynthiana was strange and surreal

    If you are a person who likes to plan ahead, I suggest you go to your calendar/planner now and circle the April 24th weekend to visit or stay in Cynthiana.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. What a bridge does
    6. Indian restaurant staple
    9. Done to some pets
    13. Gold unit
    14. *Aladdin, for short
    15. Biotic community
    16. Bring upon oneself
    17. Pine juice
    18. Scandinavian fjord, e.g.
    19. To beat seeds from grain
    21. *Don’t let it drive the bus!
    23. Exclamation of disgust
    24. Update an iPod
    25. Eastern title
    28. Adjutant
    30. Often found on the lap
    35. Sea eagles
    37. As opposed to an opinion

  • For veterans who returned with no parades or fanfare: A Hero's Welcome

    A few weeks ago I was approached by George Campbell, an ambassador for the  Honor Flight of the Bluegrass.
    We talked about getting the word out about a free offer to area veterans.

  • Equal pay day is a national day of action

    To the editor:
    On Tuesday, April 14, thousands of women from across the United States will join in a national day of action against unfair pay called Equal Pay Day.
    April is symbolic of the point into the Next Year that a woman must work in order to earn the wages paid to a man in the previous year. On a national level, women are paid only 78 cents for every dollar a man is paid, according to the U.S. Consus Bureau. So, because women earn less, we must work longer for the same pay.

  • Heroin laws expand treatment, sentences

     This year’s legislative session may have lasted only half as long as those in even-numbered years, but that did not seem to diminish the amount of work the General Assembly was able to do.