Today's Opinions

  • Bourbon and Pendleton clerks endorse Furnish

    Pendleton clerk endorses Furnish
    To the editor:
    Citizens of Harrison:
    I am Rita Spencer, the Pendleton County Clerk. I have worked in the Pendleton County Clerk’s office for 22 years and I have served as the clerk for 12 years. I have known Linda B. Furnish for at least 15 years. I met her before I was elected clerk. Linda and I have gone to many conferences and training sessions together. I am very blessed to be her good friend and colleague.

  • Of Steel Magnolias and coming home

    Before getting into the recurring theme that’s been prodding my brain this past week, I want to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the harriCYN Community Theater  for their outstanding production of “Steel Magnolias” last weekend.

  • Legislation passed in session includes juvenile justice reform

    In some ways, the end of a legislative session is not much different from the beginning, since the House and Senate take both opportunities to publicly highlight their priorities in the hopes of turning them into law.


  • Candidate endorsements accepted until May 2 - Guidelines

    The Cynthiana Democrat welcomes letters to the editor endorsing candidates who are on the ballot for the May 20 primary.
    The deadline to submit those letters is Friday, May 2. No endorsement letters will be printed after Thursday, May 8. Letters must be limited to 250 words. Only one letter per writer. The letter may contain endorsement for more than one candidate, but still must meet the 250 word limit.
    No letters of personal attacks will be considered.

  • Thanks for Project Playground donations

    To the editor:
    What a pleasure to thank to the people of Cynthiana and its local leaders for the support and donations to Project Playground. Through the contributions of Harrison County families, local businesses, grants, fiscal court and city commission, Project Playground has reached $70,000 for all-age playground equipment at Flat Run Veterans Park.  

  • Data Center needs support

    Dear editor,
    For any of you running for an office in this country, you need to spend a few hours at the Berry Center after 4:00 p.m. for an extremely full house scenario of why the Center is so important. If the Center is closed where will these 15 - 20 kids go after school? Where will the adults go that use and so desperately need this access to the tech world? If they are like me, they don’t have reception at home, or they can’t afford the price of such conveniences.

  • State laws threaten voting rights

    Dear editor,
    I am writing to encourage the readers of The Cynthiana Democrat to register to vote. Your vote is your voice for Democracy.
    The last day to register is April 21, 2014.
    Please register. Don’t be left out of the voting process. Your voice needs to be heard loud and clear.
    In Kentucky, your vote is not threatened, but your cousins in Ohio and other states may not get to register or vote.

  • Family finds hope amid disaster

    To the editor:
    Words cannot begin to express our growing gratitude for all God has done in our lives. Though our lives have changed drastically and the days have been hard, I am in awe of the positive changes that have occurred and are still occurring in our lives.