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  • FRANKFORT FOCUS A legislative perspective on the General Assembly

    As the General Assembly wraps up much of its work early this week, the biggest item on the agenda is passing a budget to run state government for the next two years.
    House and Senate leaders sat down last Thursday to begin working on a compromise, coming to the table with broad agreement in some areas and some significant differences in others.
    Overall, the chambers’ two budget proposals follow Gov. Bevin’s plan to scale back government and put that money toward the long-term liability facing our retirement systems for state employees and teachers.

  • Light It Up Blue with the Riddells

    It’s been just over a year since Karey Riddell’s son, Wesley, made it his mission to light up the stately white building in downtown Cynthiana with blue lights.
    His family was in the process of relocating to Cynthiana after living briefly in Frankfort. Karey and Noel Riddell made it their mission also.
    And while Wesley, Karey and Noel were carrying the figurative blue torch, many other Cynthiana people joined the parade to bring awareness to autism.
    Wesley was diagnosed with autism at a young age.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Something proclaimed true without proof
    6. Trigonometry abbr.
    9. *____surfing with no board
    13. Shrek and Fiona, e.g.
    14. “____ the Games Begin!”
    15. Core of personnel
    16. Motion picture
    17. Baseball stat
    18. Spock or Mork
    19. *Mask and epee
    21. *Pistes and moguls
    23. Santa ___ winds
    24. Attention grabber
    25. *____-wrestling, like in “Over the Top”
    28. Openmouthed astonishment
    30. Hollywood’s lighting person

  • Connersville Bus Drivers
  • Tell your legislators: Pass a fiscally responsible budget

    Back in January, I submitted our budget to the state legislature. It is a fiscally responsible budget that takes the necessary steps to start repairing Kentucky’s financial foundation. It takes into consideration the fact that our administration has been left with more than $35 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. Simply put, this is money we owe, but do not have.

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    The legislature is considering House Bill 2, a constitutional amendment to allow local governments to add a one percent local sales tax. You would pay a seven percent tax instead of the current six percent. It will negatively impact Kentucky businesses, consumers and the economy of Kentucky.

  • Spring Cleaning on Main Street

    Spring has finally arrived. The first thing that comes to my mind is spring cleaning. For some reason, every year when spring arrives I get the notion to spring clean. I start sorting everything in the house. I tackle the kids’ rooms, cabinets, windows and anywhere else that was forgotten during the winter months.