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    To the editor:

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    I always enjoy hearing stories from my parents about the days when they were growing up in Cynthiana and how things were so much simpler and less complicated than they are today.
    They both attended Cynthiana High School and both walked to school every day, as did almost all of their classmates.
    Basketball games were played at City Hall and the Dixie Corner was a favorite hangout for the high school set.
    One of their friends was a few classes older than them. His name was Joe Beasman Hall, better known as “Joe B.”

  • Check unclaimed property from state treasurer

    To the editor:
    The Kentucky State Treasurer’s (KST) office administers Kentucky’s Unclaimed Property fund.  Over the years the fund has grown to an amazing total of just over $500 million.  Yes, that is a 5 with 8 zeros!

  • Much has been done locally, more to do

    To the editor:
    Take a look around and notice several things that have recently changed.
    Look at the airport. New run-way, hangers and the offering of free rides for seniors and children. We sure do appreciate what they are doing. By taking a ride you see the wonders of town. We are thankful for the safety and try to understand how air currents can cause a bounce just like driving a car down our roads.
    Road maintenance is made, but smoother roads are needed which can be made; that is beyond my expertise.

  • Green beans, Arsenic and graduation

    First garden report: The green onions are thriving and some have found their way into a casserole already.
    Potatoes are happy, radishes will be ready in a jiffy and the green beans look a little bewildered. They are crowded for sure, and what, if anything, turns out from them in this experiment will be interesting at least.

  • Local media serves a purpose for Harrison County

    I admit that I have ink in my blood. It’s an old cliche, but after 41 years, I feel comfortable making that proclamation.
    I can reach back to the 1960s and remember sitcom sets where someone was reading a newspaper.
    Jackie Gleason (Ralph) opened nearly every show with him sitting at the kitchen table, newspaper in hand and coffee nearby. Somewhere in the background Sue Ann Langdon (Alice) was seeing what she could do to annoy her husband.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle

    1. Early stage
    6. Mythical giant bird
    9. Recipe instruction
    13. *____ Davis, won Tony and Oscar for same role
    14. *Derek Jacobi won one in “Much ____ About Nothing”
    15. Cockatoo’s cousin
    16. Cell phone bill item
    17. Rare find
    18. Winged
    19. *Three-time winner Lin-Manuel
    21. *Dick Van Dyke’s winning role, 1961
    23. River in Spain
    24. Musical finale
    25. It would
    28. One of algae
    30. Sacred beetle, to King Tut