Today's Opinions

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    There has been a lot of talk about the expansion of Central Landfill in Scott County.  Some of the information being given out is incorrect.
    The incorrect information includes:
    1. That no out-of-state waste is being accepted currently or that it will be accepted in the future,
    2. That there will be no rail haul, and
    3. That the landfill will close if the expansion is denied.

  • Chamber Awards Banquet is tonight

    Thursday, Feb. 23, will mark the 47th Annual Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Banquet.
    This year it is being held at the Harrison County Extension Office at 6:30 p.m.
    We will be honoring individuals from our community in the areas of citizen, volunteer, farmer, healthcare, public safety, educator and business of the year.
    There will also be a meal provided by 13 local restaurants and caterers, showcasing some of their signature items.
    The Harrison County High School acapella group, The Harmonix, will be providing entertainment during the meal.

  • Look at the stats, downtown Cynthiana is on the rise

    One of my responsibilities as director for Cynthiana Main Street is to gather reinvestment statistics for our downtown district.
    Reinvestment statistics are vital to our program on the local and state level. This report helps validate the progress within the community.  
    As required by the state, I report our reinvestment statistics on a quarterly basis. I then present the cumulative report on an annual basis to our local government.

  • Viewpoint

    My children went through the public school system in Harrison County and each had their area of interest.
    They would likely say that socialization was the best part about school. Getting to mix and mingle with students from a potpourri of backgrounds was a definite plus for them.
    Erin went to all state chorus in middle school and then became part of the phenomenon that was THE Harrison County Marching Band, under the direction of Bob Gregg.
    Seth went to the state tournament as a senior competitor in tennis. He also wrestled and played soccer.

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    I am not a farmer. I want to remind everyone, including me, to plant seeds to take care of the bees. Most everyone knows that we need to have bees. We also enjoy eating honey. We need to spread a lot of honey around. Perhaps a kinder, gentler community could be cultivated.
    It would be nice to send our president a jar of honey or two. It just might sweeten him up a bit. He needs to know honey attracts. Its a good thing.
    Virgie Florence Wells
    Cynthiana, Ky.

  • Purposes and goals of Cynthiana Main Street

    Being the executive director for Cynthiana Main Street during the past year, I was asked several times about our program and what is does, its purpose and our goals. I wanted to introduce our current board members to the community and explain on a smaller scale what our program is about.
     The Cynthiana Main Street Program is currently a state-accredited program that is funded at the local level.

  • Viewpoint

    Anyone else out there been receiving calls on their cell phones from unfamiliar numbers, from places like Boston, or Charleston, or San Antonio, or the like?
    I sure have.
    I have routinely refused to answer those calls, for fear of being scammed in some way...until Tuesday morning.
    I received another call from Boston and decided to answer. By answering, it cost me nearly $10,000.
    Before getting into the meat of that call, let me say this...
    My family has made fun of me for being anti-social for several years now.

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