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  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    I doubt many in Harrison County have ever heard of the name Phthias Russ.
    Phthias was a negro league baseball player from 1921 to 1925. Born in Cynthiana on April 7, 1904, Died Aug. 9, 1930.
    He won a batting title in 1928 for the Chicago American Giants. His career was cut short because of illness. He played baseball, basketball, track and football for Sam Houston College in Texas and attended Mehary Medical School in Nashville, Tennessee.
    He was an All American football player in 1924 for Sam Houston College.

  • Viewpoint

    Too often we mark our calendars for long weekends, thanks to federal holidays, without really thinking about what that holiday is for.
    Memorial Day is one of those.
    When school is still in session, students simply look at this as a day they know they won’t be in school.
    Adults in the work-force, know it is a day off, and a time for a potential long weekend get-away.
    As a community, we really don’t have any type of organized activity to honor those who have given their lives in service to this country.

  • Kentucky surging forward following Legislative Session

    FRANKFORT, Ky. (May 16, 2017) – On the first Saturday in May each year, the Kentucky Derby captures the attention and fascination of the world and creates special moments that will long be remembered.
    The Derby is truly unmatched as a sporting event and spectacle.  A brief hush precedes the opening of the starting gate, followed by the roar of the crowd as the horses explode forward powerfully and majestically.

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    There are not enough words that can express mine and my workers gratitude for this community in the support by words, actions and giving to our local food pantry.
    We could not have such a wonderful mission in our community, if it was not for you in this community.
    I have said many times that his food pantry is not mine or yours but it belongs to God. It amazes me how he touches people’s hearts and their pocket books in keeping the doors of this food pantry open. We that work there are just stewards of it.

  • Downtown Dollars a new gift option on Main Street

    Cynthiana Main Street is excited to introduce Downtown Dollars, a gift certificate that can be redeemed at participating downtown businesses.
    Downtown Dollars can be purchased through Cynthiana Main Street. When you purchase downtown dollars, you will be given a list of participating merchants where the gift certificate can be redeemed. We currently have over 20 downtown businesses accepting the downtown dollars.

  • Viewpoint

    Next weekend marks the unofficial start of summer.
    School will be out and students will have a much-abbreviated summer compared to that of my youth.
    Right about now, working parents are scrambling to find summer child care. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends are on speed dial.
    We can expect longer lunch lines at the fast-food chains.
    There will be more daytime traffic in Cynthiana.
    In just a few short weeks, band students will be pounding the pavement on the Hilltop, preparing their marching show for this coming season.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle

    1. ____ of cookies
    6. Accident
    9. Art ____
    13. Greeting from Don Ho
    14. Gone by
    15. One who needs a muzzle
    16. Sign of bad news
    17. Hula dancer’s ornament
    18. Chopin’s composition
    19. *Little Women’s mother
    21. *Mrs. Borden’s stepdaughter
    23. R in rpm
    24. Sign of a saint
    25. 1960s British subculture
    28. Sub station
    30. Lay to rest
    35. War god in Norse mythology
    37. Standard
    39. Shinbone