Today's Opinions

  • New topic needed for column

    To the editor:

    Okay, Mike Aldridge. We get it. You don’t like the Reds. You don’t like Dusty Baker. Please find a new topic to write about.

    Kim Gossett

    Louisville, Ky.


  • Moses will work hard for town

    To the editor:

    I want to urge the citizens of Cynthiana to vote Steve Moses as your next mayor. I have been friends with Mr. Moses and his family since childhood and cannot think of a more dedicated and honest citizen to lead our town. I feel a strong leader is someone who is not afraid to roll their sleeves up and put in an honest day of hard work. Mr. Moses is no stranger to hard work. He worked for 27 years at the State Highway Department. He has the experience to manage our city streets.

  • Stuck on the throne of fear

    The night I was struck with fear began as any other ordinary night.

    I put on pajamas, brushed my teeth, washed my face and went to bed.

    I am 24 years old, but I think I have an 88-year-old bladder.

    I woke up around midnight, like so many other nights, and had to pee.

    I got up and blindly made my way to the dark bathroom.

    I situated myself on the porcelain prince and prepared to do what I had been called there to do... when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

  • His glory is all in the family

    Recently, my brother’s father-in-law, Ed Bremser, died after a very long illness.

    Just a few months before that, his mother-in-law, Audrey, died.

    The Bremser family is a bunch of huggy, kissy, demonstrative, fiercely loyal, loud, emotionally close people.

    They’ve had a lot of tragedy and hardship in their ranks, but they stick together. Over the years, the Bremsers have been my brother’s primary family.

  • ‘Dinner with David Sheely’ brings magic to Cynthiana

    Something magical happened in Cynthiana last Friday night. If we had stopped to think about it, we most definitely would not have predicted magic, but prediction or not there it was.

    We live in Cynthiana, a quiet little town, so most of the time when we want a fun night out, we get in the car and drive somewhere else. But last Friday and Saturday driving anywhere else was totally unnecessary.

  • As mayor, Moses will secure bright future for Cynthiana

    To the editor:

    In last week’s Cynthiana Democrat I read a letter written on behalf of Mark Mattmiller. The letter mentions an online poll that a local radio station announced Mattmiller as the winner. I can’t see how this shows a true sampling of the residence of Cynthiana since so very few even knew about it.

  • Slade’s “can-do” attitude is needed for city commission

    To the editor:

    As the November election draws nearer, I find it overwhelming when considering my personal voting decisions. Among the list of capable individuals running for city commissioner, there is one candidate in which I can gladly cast my vote with complete confidence. Roger Slade gets my vote.

  • Mattmiller didn’t give up on students, won’t give up on city

    To the editor: