Today's Opinions

  • Drunk driving

    To the editor:
    As I was reading the paper today I wondered how many lives are we going to lose because of drunk driving? Do you think it is a coincidence that the number of wrecks has increased after the vote allowing people to buy liquor by the drink in Cynthiana? Think about it and if you are one of the people that voted to allow this, do you have trouble sleeping when you hear about people killed due to this this thing?

  • Please support Camp Hendon

    To the editor:
    In February 2011, our daughter, Rachel, was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes.

  • Cynthiana living up to small-town hospitality

    By: Kristie Hamon/Summer Intern

  • Gossipy letters contain untruths

    To the editor:
          After reading several misinformed, gossipy letters to the editor filled with untruths about the Mormon Church, I decided to set the record straight.

  • Use your turn signal in life

    A couple of weeks ago my son earned a “uniform citation” for failing to use his turn signal.
    At the time I thought how trivial and wondered why such a citation was necessary.
    I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere... much like the “always use sunscreen” lyrics from the late 1990s that was delivered as a graduation speech and later became the basis for a song.
    Always use your turn signal.

  • Planning and Zoning idea a bust

    To the editor:
    Wow, did everyone see the front page article in the Democrat about the proposed changes to the Planning and Zoning regulations? Or should I just say restrictions since they will be very restricting to everyone, not just the farmers?  
    I am sure that the people who proposed these changes think they are doing something good even though they obviously have not thought it through.

  • Mike Reitz era will be missed

    To the editor:
    An important era in Harrison County boy’s basketball closes at the end of this school year with the retirement of legendary coach Mike Reitz.
    The list of Coach Reitz’s professional accomplishments is a long one, including taking three teams to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) boy’s basketball tournament: Harrison County twice, and Maysville, He served as the assistant coach at Bourbon County in 1984, when that team was the state runner-up.

  • Planning and Zoning in need of more planning

    To the editor:
    For  thirty years I have been dismayed by the inept activity of planning and zoning which was originally designed to make for a better future for our country. Not only was It obvious their choice of design for rural home development counter producive, but much to my chgrin, I have had the sad experience of observing the unprofessional thinking and behavior of some meetings in the past.