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  • Former substitute seeks equality in benefits

    To the editor:
    If you have read the last two articles in the Democrat regarding substitute teacher pay, please don’t say KRS regulations are “outstanding.” Work needs to be done.
    As noted, substitute teachers are not treated the same as regular teachers. Teachers receive retirement pay within 30 days of retirement.
    Why do substitute employees have to wait until the end of the school year? It’s time to take a serious look at the KRS and make some changes.

    John Schreiber

  • Students learn from the service they perform

    By Kim Bodine, LVC Perspectives Columnist
    What is service learning?
    State Farm Insurance defines service learning as a method of teaching and learning that combines service to the community with classroom instruction. They believe it is important because it helps to build partnerships, develop skills and give students an opportunity to give back to their communities.  

  • LVC students commend 10-year-old’s commitment to others

    By Sarah Kinney, Guest Columnist
    Jonah Case, an 10-year-old Northside fourth grader, recently visited a college class at the Licking Valley Campus of Maysville Community and Technical College.
    Jonah and LVC students collected aluminum can tabs to support Jarrett’s Joy Cart, a service at Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington.

  • Share your celebrity encounters with our readers

    Vacation season is upon us. And, while the price of gas may be restricting some travel, there is always a chance that you will meet up with a celebrity somewhere along your way.
    If you do, have someone snap of photograph of you and that star. We’d love to show it in The Cynthiana Democrat in a new feature  called Celebrity Encounters.
    If you are going to the Kentucky Speedway this summer, you may run into someone well known in the NASCAR circuit. Get a family member or even a complete stranger to capture the moment.

  • Gary Palmer
  • Gary Palmer
  • Taxpayers burdened by teachers’ retirement

    To the editor:
    I can sympathize with John Schrieber and his letter of May 12, where he had difficulty obtaining a refund from Kentucky Teacher’s Retirement System (KTRS), being only a substitute and having no intention of receiving benefits.  I had the same problem in 2004.

  • Enjoyment found in “Dr. Joe”

    To the editor:
    When Karen and I moved back to this part of the country from northern California in February 1997, one of the services we were interested in was a good doctor. Little did we know when Karen’s Aunt Violet Long, retired county nurse, referred us to “Dr. Joe” that we would acquire a superior doctor.
    On our first visit, I noted that Dr. Joe’s birth date was exactly one month (Aug. 20, 1937) prior to mine, which I thought was pretty cool. After spending time with him, I found he was pretty cool.