• 1983 graduates being sought for class reunion

    To the editor:

    The Harrison County High School Class of 1983 is preparing for its 25-year class reunion and organizers are asking the help of the community.

    They are looking for classmates and would appreciate the help of the parents or siblings or friends to get in touch with the graduates and have them call either Deanna Beagle Lunsford, at 234-3355, or Dawn Harney Arnold, at 234-2096, with current home addresses or e-mail addresses it would be deeply appreciated 25 years is special and we would like to have as many as possible contacted and attend.

    Dawn Harney Arnold

  • Many hands helped storm victims recoveries

    To the editor:

    Our thanks go out to our friends, neighbors and community members who volunteered their assistance after the tornado damaged our home.

    Whether you brought food and drinks, packed boxes, carried wet furniture of just stopped to give a hug and words of encouragement, we will forever be grateful.

  • Tax change could have economic backlash

    To the editor:

    In 2006, the City of Cynthiana enacted the Rental Housing Business License, Ordinance #1407. As landlords, we were told the reason for the ordinance was to cause landlords to clean up their properties so the community may attract more business.

  • Chamber nominees are a worthy group

    To the editor:

    On behalf of the Cynthiana-Harrison County Chamber of Commerce, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all those who have submitted nominations for the upcoming Chamber Annual Awards Banquet.

    The nominations are well thought out and all the nominees very deserving. It is commendable that our community is home to so many who do so much. Tickets are available now at the Chamber of Commerce for the 38th Annual Awards Banquet - $20 per person. Call Pat Grenier at 234-5236 for further information.

    Pat Grenier, executive director

  • Unity after the storm is inspiring

    To the editor:

    To all those who volunteered Saturday in the community cleanup, I would like to thank you for all the help you gave to storm victims. The time, food and concerns were greatly appreciated.

    Randy Wade


    To the editor:

  • Griffith Woods, tavern need to be rehabbed and promoted

    To the editor:

    As a new member of the Friends of Griffith Woods, I would like to commend the founding members for bringing this fine, much needed organization into being.

    For those unfamiliar, let me acquaint your readers with the Friends of Griffith Woods. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Tavern and in conjunction with other groups, works to restore and preserve the Bluegrass savanna-woodland of Griffith Woods.

  • Graduation location should serve the needs of families

    To the editor:

    We, as parents, are concerned about the choice of venue for Harrison County High School graduation exercises and the capacity/ticket limit that venue may dictate.

    What family member will be told they cannot attend? Will it be the grandfather/grandmother, aunt/uncle, sister/brother who have babysat and helped raise the graduate while mom and dad are at work to provide for the family?

  • Public unity is the only way to beat gas problem

    To the editor:

    I only have one question for all of the gas merchants nationwide and Ill throw in our wonderful government as well on this. I ask, for someone to step up to the plate and explain why we, the American people, are being robbed at the gas pumps.

    We get our fuel source from Canada not from Saudia Arabia like we are led to believe and it is nothing more than a monopoly.

    People, we need to start boycotting the gas, starting with the truckers. It was good enough in the 60s and it will work now.