• TEA Party pushes for Republicans

    To the editor:
    Evidently Jim Pinson of the Harrison County Tea Party assumes people in Harrison County cannot read. His letter to the editor in the Oct. 18 edition of The Cynthiana Democrat epitomizes his party and its associates, the Republican Party: both have double-speak whittled down to a very fine, but incredibly ridiculous point. As Gertrude Stein put it, “A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.”

    Jean-Ann Kerr

  • Recreation does matter

    To the editor:
    This letter is in response to last week’s article “Parks and Recreation issue stirs heated debate at fiscal court.” I take issue with Mr. Copes’ statement “Parks and Recreation will cost county taxpayers much more and deliver little to no benefits to the county.”
    Are you serious?  

  • Awesome New York trip

    To the editor:
    I had the good fortune of going to New York City on what is known as the “Homemaker Trip.” It was awesome.
    The tour included “Ground Zero,” a place like no other place. Security is very heavy. Policemen patrolled the area. I approached the policemen and I thanked them for their service. I proudly told them I was from Cynthiana, Ky. where I served as Mayor for eight years.

  • Election is one for the ages

    To the editor:
    The November elections are no doubt the most important of my lifetime. I am quite concerned about the weakness of our economy, the lack of optimism in the job market, the government’s runaway spending of money that we do not have, and the creep of socialism.
    As a Christian, I feel that there are even greater issues than these, however. The media calls them “social issues.”

  • TEA Party

    To the editor:
    The Harrison County Tea Party does not endorse political candidates. We profess adherance to the constitution smaller government, fiscal responsibility and lower taxes. The following candidates do endorse the principles of the Tea Party: Bryan Lutz, Andy Barr, Thomas Massie and Mitt Romney.

    Jim Pinson
    President Harrison Co.
    Tea Party

  • Vote Bryan Lutz 78th Dist. State Representative

    To the editor:
    This election may be our last chance to take back our country, more specifically our state. We continue to see our state’s economy spiral downward while the adjoining states begin to recover. I watch as our legislature continues to stagnate over important reforms. We hear a lot of talk of reform but see no action.  
    We cannot afford to follow this path any longer.     

  • What's wrong with America

    To the editor:
    I am worried about the state of our nation. I am fearful for my children’s future. Every day ‘pop culture’ mocks our country’s history and the values America was founded on. News organizations, ‘think tanks’ and the ivory towers of America’s universities are asking ‘is the constitution still relevant?’ Why is this happening? It is a leadership problem.

  • Tea Party appreciates debate support

    To the editor:
    The Harrison County Tea Party thanks the more than 60 people that attended the debates held at the Extension Office on Sept. 30. This is a prime example of how a non-partisan organization that focuses on today’s issues can help provide information to the community for the upcoming Nov. 6 election. Special appreciation is extended to: candidates Tom McKee, Bryan Lutz, Bill Adkins, and Andy Barr; Moderator Amber Philpott; WCYN, Chris Winkle and Doug Miller; Ben Hyatt, Cynthiana Democrat; and the Harrison County Extension office.

  • Why is banking becoming a problem for me?

    To the editor:
    I have a problem that no one in this town seems to know why?
    I do not carry a large amount of money on me. I carry checks. Both Kentucky Bank checks and checks I order supporting ASPCA to help advertise for neglected and mistreatment of animals.
    Both type of checks have routering number and bank account number, name, driver license, address and telephone number.
    There are two stores that will not take my checks.
    I have lived here in Cynthiana for over 50 years. As the widow of Charlie North who was a commissioner.

  • Comments are welcomed on fiscal court compensating rate

    To the editor: