• Thanks for supporting the Community Christmas Project

    To the editor:
    Members of the Community Christmas Project would like to thank the community for their support. Harrison Countians can be counted on year after year to help provide Christmas presents for young children here.
    Since the early 1970’s the Community Christmas Project has provided Christmas to Harrison County children birth to 10 years of age. Mama lived for this time of the year and worked hard to bring the project where it is today. We know as she spent this Christmas in heaven she was smiling on all of us.

  • Let's get behind the courthouse refurbishing

    To the editor:

  • Just wanted to play ball

    To the editor:
    Last week, there was an article about women not being able to play church league basketball. I must say . . . it made a lot of people upset.

  • Women can defend our country but they can't play basketball?

    To the editor:
    I couldn’t help but to be amazed as I compared the headlines in the Democrat and the Lexington Herald.  One headline reads “U.S. To End Ban On Women In Combat”, the other “No Women Allowed, Says Recreation Board”.  Just so I understand this correctly, women can sign up to fight on the front lines for our country but they can’t sign up to play church league basketball in Harrison County?  

  • Saying "well done" to a county treasure

    To the editor:
    Harrison County Cooperative Extension is losing one dedicated agent when Cheryl Case retires. I know this first hand because  I was serving as Homemaker president when she started her journey with Extension.  
    We were both pretty “green” when she arrived. However, it didn’t take long for Cheryl to hit the floor running  teaching, supporting, encouraging, and learning about the “homemakers” of Harrison County.  

  • Women should be allowed to play

    To the editor:
    I am confused about a Harrison County issue that involved the local churches ball teams. All of a sudden the women cannot play. Why? Why? Why?
    It was never an issued before. These women that feel athletic enjoy supporting their church in anyway they can and should have that privilege and honor.
    If the answers are due to injuries or sexual harassment, that should not be, cause it can heppen to males as well as females. I’m sure this is understood when they sign up to play.

    Sandy Sagaser

  • Misleading readers and taxpayers

    To the editor:
    A recent article headlined that Tobacco buyout money is still leading Harrison County farm  subsidies is totally misleading to area farmers and taxpayers.
    The payments are for the repeal of the price support and quota program, not a subsidy.
    Subsidy is defined as aid directly granted by government to be deemed beneficial to the public.

  • School Board Recognition Month

    To the editor:
    The people of Cynthiana and Harrison County are fortunate to have chosen a group of their fellow citizens to take responsibility for the community’s most precious resource and a key to its future – children and their educational opportunities.
    Mary June Brunker, Kristy Carey, Gary Lizer, Ed Taylor, and Dr. Don Stephens have agreed to serve this community because they care about those kids and their futures. And they serve at minimal compensation for maximum responsibilities, often under clouds of misunderstanding.

  • America is headed down hill

    To the editor:
    I look at the path American is going down today, and while it doesn’t scare me because I know God is still in control, and always will be, it does disturb me to think about the future generations.

  • Mailbag

    Praises to BGE

    To the editor:
    I would like to express my appreciation for all workers with Bluegrass Energy who worked around the clock to restore electricity to Harrison County.  I especially would like to commend the dispatchers who took calls from customers, they were very nice and explained the situation as they knew it.  I know it was difficult for them, and that customers can be very demanding and rude, (not that I would ever be, LOL). Again, thanks.

    Lou Burton