• Drivers, please stop for buses

    Do we need a refresher course in drivers ed?
    Drivers, the school bus STOP sign has not changed to my knowledge.
    It still has flashing lights to get our attention and it still means for you to STOP.
    In a week’s time, I have witness drivers ignore the STOP sign when the driver of my children’s bus put the sign out. It did not to get the drivers’ attention when they were talking on the phone or when the music was so loud the horn didn’t even get their attention.

  • Mailbag: District missed opportunity to provide progress report

    To the editor,

    A few weeks ago, Cynthiana Democrat Editor Becky Barnes offered an article in the local paper about the recently released test scores in the Harrison County School District. In my judgment, her writing was factual and objectively presented.  

  • Prevent-a-Litter month once again successful

    To the editor:

    I am writing to inform you and your readers that Augusts Prevent-a-Litter month, which offered 10 percent spay/neuter discounts at Brooks Animal Clinic and Harrison Vet Clinic was quite a success. Twenty-eight newly altered companion animals will no longer contribute to the pet overpopulation crisis in Harrison County, which necessitated the euthanasia of more than 900 homeless dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens at the Flora Shropshire Animal Shelter in 2007.

  • With election looming, NAACP Gala promises to be a special event

    To the editor:

    The Cynthiana and Harrison County Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Freedom Fund Gala will be held on Saturday, Oct. 18, at the Harrison County High School cafeteria located at 550 Webster Ave.

    We are honored to announce that John J. Johnson, Executive Director of Kentucky Commissioner of Human Rights, will be the keynote speaker for the evening. Sherelle Roberts, WKYT-27 News First, will be the Mistress of Ceremony. The Theme for this years event is Vote, An Act of Self-Defense and Self-Respect.

  • There is help available to help you quit smoking

    To the editor:

    I am writing to let the public know about a very valuable class we have here in Cynthiana, offered by the Wedco District Health Department.

    I was a smoker for nearly 20 years. I was severely addicted. I smoked anywhere from one to two packs a day. When I was only 30 years old I was diagnosed with heart problems. My doctor told me then that I needed to quit but the addiction was too strong for me. I ended up having open-heart surgery and a valve replacement. Even that didnt keep me away from the cigarettes. It has been a constant struggle for me to try to quit.

  • Coalition is working hard to stem county's large drug problem

    To the editor:

    On behalf of Champions For A Drug Free Harrison County, we would like to respond to the concerns recently expressed on the Viewpoint page by Rhonda Armigo.

    She stated that she is concerned about the growing drug problem in our city and asks why our leaders do not do something. She further challenges our community as to our plan for addressing this problem.

  • Food pantry needs have increased with economic issues

    To the editor:

    This letter is a thank you and also a plea.

    Let me explain. As chairperson of the food pantry and treasurer for our local ministerial association, I see firsthand the needs - not wants - in our community.

  • Readers urge public to get involved in this years elections

    To the editor:

    I would like to use this opportunity to thank retiring Family Court Judge David Melcher for his years of service on the bench and for the innovative programs he has implemented in support of Harrison Countys children and families.

    As a Rotarian volunteer for Judge Melchers mentoring program I have been able to experience in a small way the kinds of issues a family court judge must contend with on a daily basis. It is a tough job and one that I know takes a high level of dedication and commitment.

  • Tradition warrants better facilities

    To the editor:

    As I sit here after returning from a Breds baseball meeting for next year, I feel a need to bring up a issue that is on the minds of many people.

    Harrison County baseball is a special tradition that is known statewide. The Breds just completed a season that had them reach the state final eight teams. This was not a complete surprise, as past Baseball teams have won state championships, been runners up and seems that year after year make good showings.

  • Guest column stirs readers to respond

    To the editor:

    A few weeks ago, a guest columnist wrote about our town, and proceeded to complain about everything here they didnt like, expecting to find a Utopia to settle down in.

    To say the least, we were offended by all of your criticisms and we got our bristles up. Our town has a world of tradition, history, heritage and an enormous amount of pride.