• Problems with gas and employment

    To the editor:
    I had occasion to drive north this week and as is my normal practice, looked for lower gas prices than those we enjoy in Harrison County. I found $3.89 a gallon in Falmouth, $3.79 a gallon in Cold Springs and $3.63 a gallon in Columbus, Ohio. I guess its that evaporation and distance from the refineries again.
    I also noticed quite a few signs advertising incumbent or want-to-be trough  swiller’s, but none of them show party affiliation. Are they ashamed? I certainly can understand why.

  • Licking Valley Singers

    To the editor:
     The Golden Age of Rock and Roll was a great success. The weather was cool, but the concerts brought forth warm memories as we traveled  back 50 years to a more innocent time when “bobby socks and poodle skirts” were in vogue.
    The Licking Valley Singers offer its deep appreciation for the love and support of the faithful patrons, the many individual volunteers and the corporate sponsors who contributed their time, talents and resources to make this concert one that will be remembered.  

  • TEA Party Tax Rally is Saturday

    To the editor:
    As Tax Day looms (April 16) we are once again reminded that the burden of tax weighs heavily on the individuals that PAY tax.  
    I, and fellow members of the local T.E.A. Party, have been closely following events in Washington. There is a clear disconnect between our politicians and reality. Our government has been spending, in ever increasing numbers, money which it does not have. The congress and the senate have not submitted an agreed upon budget in many years. Senator Reid has just announced that he will not submit a budget this year as well.

  • Equal pay for women

    To the editor:
    On Tuesday, April 17, thousands of women from across the United States will join in a national day of action against unfair pay called Equal Pay Day. April is symbolic of the point into the new year that a woman must work in order to earn the wages paid to a man in the previous year. On a national level, women are paid only 78 cents for every dollar a man is paid, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. So, because women earn less, we must work longer for the same pay.

  • Capitalism must have competition

    To the editor:
    “It ain’t just the gas prices!”
    The gas prices are just a symptom of the overall crisis of our economy and our country.
    We are told this is a country based on capitalism. This is a lie. To work as an economy instead of a scam to enrich a few, capitalism must have competition. We no longer have competition.
    We now have four to five gas companies instead of the multitude of companies we had 30 to 40 years ago. Check the few brands we now have and you will see little difference in price. No real competition.

  • Gas price fixing

    To the editor:
    A couple of weeks ago I had occasion to drive to Lexington. As I drove through town I noticed that all of the gas stations I passed had raised their gas prices to $3.45 a gallon. I guess they had all purchased new gas at the same time.
    As I got to Paris and then Lexington I noticed the prices all range from $3.26 to $3.30 which is typical of local prices to other counties.
    On Feb. 23 I went to Lexington again and every station I passed had $3.75 per gallon prices.

  • Harrison County Tea Party

    To the editor:
    I am convinced that major changes are needed in our government before it is too late.
    I am concerned that we have too much regulation, which stifles not only our individual freedoms, but curtails free enterprise. It is no wonder, manufacturers moved their companies (and our jobs) offshore...
    I am concerned that our government officials are not concerned about efficient use of our tax dollars. They seem inept at making hard but fiscally sound decisions...

  • Cemetery needs more supervision

    To the editor:
    I don’t know if this will do me any good, but I feel that others need to know what goes on in Battle Grove Cemetery.

  • Helping hounds find homes

    To the editor:
    We are writing to tell your readers about a recently formed non-profit animal welfare organization in Harrison County, Helping Hounds Find Homes.  Its objective is to rescue and transport homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens to non-profit, no kill shelters and foster homes where the animals will await adoption to forever homes.
    In 2010, 2,307 unwanted dogs and cats entered Flora Shropshire Animal Shelter.  Of that number 437 were adopted, 130 were returned to owners, 381 went to rescue and 950 were euthanized.

  • We're all in this together

    To the editor:
    After being born and raised in Harrison County and living here for 50 plus years I feel that I am more than qualified to voice my concerns on a subject that I am certain numerous others have witnessed to a massive degree (and am baffled as to why no grievances have been publicly voiced) . . . Litter!