• ‘Verbally attacked’ at public meeting

    To the editor:
    On April 26, 2011, I took the following concerns about the Planning Commission to the Harrison County Fiscal Court meeting:
    •Hundreds of illegal plat maps on file at the clerk’s office;
    •Possible open records request violation or falsification from the zoning administrator;
    •How the HA Jones property was approved for resubdivision;
    •Letter from the county attorney promoting bias against me on behalf of the planning commission; and

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  • Showing your teacher appreciation

    To the editor:
    If you appreciate the knowledge you have acquired over the years, you should show your gratitude to a teacher. The mere fact that you can read this letter means you should thank a teacher -- and what better time to do that than during National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6.

  • Customers not made aware of arbitrary hike in phone bill

    To the editor:
    Has your AT&T phone bill risen lately? Mine did, by $2. It was due to an arbitrary increase from $19 to $21 for my long distance plan, Unlimited Nationwide Calling Advantage.

  • Sports columnist given a second opinion

    To the editor:
    Being a Harrison County sports fan and a longtime reader of The Cynthiana Democrat, I feel the need to comment on an article in the March 31st edition written as “Mike’s Minute”.

  • Maximize timber profits with information

    To the editor:
    Hello all you NIPFO’s out there. Yup, I’m speaking to the farmers. The acronym stands for Non Industrial Private Forest Owners. According to the UK Cooperative Extension Service, 89 percent of Kentucky’s timberland is owned by you.  
    Cutting timber is often a once in a lifetime project and so I thought a few pointers might help. When you decide to cut the timber find out what is in “your account” by calling the Bluegrass District Office in Frankfort.

  • It’s time to open your eyes and prepare yourself for the May primary

    To the editor:
    If I were a bettin’ man, I’d be willing to bet that there are a lot of folks that don’t know there is a primary coming up in May. Everywhere I go, people look at my vehicle and all the bumper stickers and chalk markings on the rear window, and they usually say (with amazement), “Is there an election coming up?”
    I also get a lot of “I just don’t keep up with those things like I should.” And they shake their heads sadly.

  • Group seeking fiscal government responsibility

    To the editor:
    America has reached a tipping point.  Not only has the federal government grown in spending but in its reach to state and local governments.  
    The federal government now dominates activity that was traditionally reserved to the states, leaving little or no room for state-level innovation in policy areas such as education, transportation, health care, welfare and even law enforcement. They have so grossly expanded public-sector debt that, as of today, each and every man, woman and child carries a debt burden of over $45,000.

  • Dr. King march participants and donations appreciated

    To the editor:
    The Macedonia Baptist Church wishes to thank Donna Slone and the Maysville Community College, Mark Bell, Mike Jones, B & B Foods Services, and Dr. Gerald Smith. It was enjoyed very much. Also anyone that took a part in making our Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. program a success. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless all.
    The Macedonia Baptist Church
    for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Jeannie  Willis