• Local museum is a jewel in our crown

    To the editor:
    No matter how many times I visit our hometown museum I leave with more knowledge of our community’s history, more appreciation for Harold Slade and the Historical Society, and great pride for what I consider a jewel in the crown of our town.
    A very good friend of mine from Cincinnati came down late Saturday for an overnight stay with us. She wanted to get a feel for the place I call home and go away having a “visual” picture of all the places I speak about when we’re together.

  • Let’s not forget the arts

    To the editor:
    I would like to thank the Cynthiana Arts Council, Maysville Community College, The Cynthiana Democrat and the Licking River Writers for sponsoring, promoting and hosting the 2011 writing contest and recognition reception, showcasing the works of the finalists.
    The reception was such a delight. There were so many excellent writers in attendance. I was particularly impressed with and awed by the young writers. Such talent and imagination. I certainly hope these young writers will be encouraged, inspired and supported throughout their years to come.

  • A little less conversation and a little more action

    To the editor:
    For as long as I can remember, possibly 56 years, I have listened to talk about how badly the A. Keller dam needed repair. I am almost sure in that length of time the subject of the dam has come up in one conversation or another by every person seeking every political office offered in this jurisdiction.

  • A little paint, wire brush and a lot of heart

    By Ashley Workman, LVC Perspectives
    Citizens of Cynthiana, do you ever wonder what people travelling through Harrison County think about the condition of our roadways?  
    We want them to think this is one of the greatest places to live.  
    One step toward making this a reality can be easily accomplished if we work together to make our roadways litter free. As residents, we should strive to make our city as beautiful as possible.  
    Are you willing to do your part?

  • Arboreal removal interrupted

    To the editor:
    Spring rains kept Ben Clifford with his huge orange truck at bay. Our rotting Water Maple has been threatening to take out our old Kentucky farm house roof and electrical line.
    We hired Ben to remove the tree a couple of months ago, but it had been too wet to get the job done and when it did finally dry out, there was corn to plant and tobacco to set.

  • Donations appreciated, but more are needed

    To the editor:
    I would like to give an update on the Food Pantry and the Harrison County Ministerial Association.
    This community never ceases to amaze me; again, it has come to the plate, batting with food and money instead of a baseball bat.
    I will not mention names as I would certainly miss someone unintentionally, so I will say if you have helped in any way, through churches, schools, clubs, library, businesses, factories, Postal food drive or individually, a great big thanks goes out to you.

  • Former substitute seeks equality in benefits

    To the editor:
    If you have read the last two articles in the Democrat regarding substitute teacher pay, please don’t say KRS regulations are “outstanding.” Work needs to be done.
    As noted, substitute teachers are not treated the same as regular teachers. Teachers receive retirement pay within 30 days of retirement.
    Why do substitute employees have to wait until the end of the school year? It’s time to take a serious look at the KRS and make some changes.

    John Schreiber

  • Students learn from the service they perform

    By Kim Bodine, LVC Perspectives Columnist
    What is service learning?
    State Farm Insurance defines service learning as a method of teaching and learning that combines service to the community with classroom instruction. They believe it is important because it helps to build partnerships, develop skills and give students an opportunity to give back to their communities.  

  • Gary Palmer
  • Gary Palmer