• Statepoint Crossword Puzzle

    1. Hindu sage or a tea brand
    6. Plant production
    9. Big first for a baby
    13. *#2 Down native
    14. Mutt
    15. Doggy
    16. Newbery Medal, e.g.
    17. Back then
    18. Alternative spelling of although
    19. *The Great Lake State capital
    21. *Capital named after 4th president
    23. Color quality
    24. Type of soda pop
    25. British news broadcaster
    28. MaÓtre d’s list
    30. Occupied oneself
    35. Pearl Harbor island
    37. Popular movie candy

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  • Viewpoint pictures
  • Viewpoint

    Harrison County schools have followed suit with several other school districts around the state and have canceled classes on Aug. 21, the day of the solar eclipse.
    I don’t have an issue with our local district taking that action, but I don’t like its reasoning.
    In its official press release, the school district said, “Student safety was the deciding factor in closing school for this event, since NASA and other scientific experts warn of possible eye damage if the sun is viewed improperly during the eclipse.”

  • Viewpoint

    In less than two weeks, downtown Cynthiana will be transformed into a massive parking lot for some of the most beautiful and outrageous automobiles.
    The Cynthiana Rod Run was the brain child of local car enthusiast Jerry Adams. Adams said a few years ago at a Cynthiana City Commission that he loved Cynthiana and wanted to do this for the community.
    It has to be so.
    There is so much work behind the scenes to put on something of this class and size.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle

    1. West African religious practice
    6. J. Edgar Hoover’s org.
    9. Decked out
    13. *Mickey Mouse’s pet in books and cartoons
    14. Young newt
    15. Certain rib quality
    16. Asian goat antelope
    17. American Gas Association
    18. Metrical units in poetry
    19. *Story of Auggie Pullman, boy with a rare disease
    21. Captain’s record
    23. Thanksgiving serving
    24. Actor MacLachlan
    25. Aardvark’s morsel
    28. Shape with an ax
    30. Battlefield ID

  • Nancy Taylor Williams
  • Cynthiana app a ‘must have’

    Main Street
    Program Director

  • “Grammer misteaks,” cheese-wagons and the eclipse

    All letters to the editor must be confirmed before they make it to print.
    This means that someone from the Cynthiana Democrat must call the person who submits the letter and verify that they in fact did send that letter.
    On Monday, my office mate Robin Smiley, smiled and gave me a letter to confirm.
    Nothing out of the ordinary here, except for that grin on Robin’s face.
    The job of confirming these letters usually falls to me. I don’t mind. It’s a quick and painless process.