• Middle ground is useless unless maintained

    On Saturday, Iee^drove to Mason County for a photo shoot.

    Unfortunately, Iee^missed the shoot, but since my wife and oldest daughter were with me, Iee^decided to stay up there for a bit.

    We drove all through downtown Maysville and crossed the old bridge into Ohio.

    Then we followed Hwy. 52 to the new bridge and crossed back into Kentucky. The road the new bridge is on goes to the Double-A highway, so thats where we wound up.

    Coming back toward this way, we went through Old Washington (the original Mason County settlement), making a few stops along the way.

  • Ownership may change, commitment will remain

    While on the phone at 7:45 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 3, I surfed the Todays Headlines daily e-mail offering from nytimes.com. Information comes 360 degrees in todays world. Voicemail, e-mail, snail mail, Internet, cell phones and text messaging have changed the way we communicate and, as a result, media is changing.

  • Money awarded spurs local efforts

    Working silently behind the scenes to make a difference describes those people in any community who make huge differences without huge outcry. There are people and organizations in our area who qualify as unsung heroes as they go about making important contributions to the people and institutions striving to make improvements.

    One of these organizations is The Harrison County Community Foundation, a working entity and part of the Blue Grass Community Foundation.

  • Dedicated farmer guarantees acreage to remain in agriculture, not parcels

    Margaret Lake of Bourbon County, member of the Harrison County Beef Cattle Association, said that after she completed the Master Cattlemens educational program and Cow College in 2002 and from her personal experience, she decided that the cow/calf operation was not for her any longer.

  • The holidays should be about perspective

    As I get older, I try to take time at the holidays to put things in perspective.

    With all the things which pull at us from all sides, a little quiet time never hurts.

    I?m not talking about remembering the true meaning of Christmas. Regardless of how you feel about it, it?s undeniable - at least here in the Bible belt - that there are plenty of things to remind us about that.

    No, I?ve never had a problem with that.

    My problem has always been, and continues to be, focusing on the petty problems I face in day-to-day living.