• Scores N' More composer retiring


  • Be thankful for our freedoms this holiday

    As many of us prepare for the July Fourth holiday, I encourage you to join me in being thankful of the freedoms we enjoy.
    Though discouraging news can be hard to understand, such as the recent shootings in South Carolina, the resilience of the people in Charleston, and the discussion that has developed from that, are results of our free society.
    Unfortunately, sometimes people take advantage of the freedom to do harm, but Americans show that we can unite and figure our way through a difficult time to a better place.

  • This 4th, thank soldiers, founding fathers

    Kentucky may not have yet been a state when our country declared its independence nearly 240 years ago, but as we prepare to celebrate that anniversary this weekend, it is worth pointing out we do have ties to this early period.
    We were home to about a half-dozen skirmishes during the Revolutionary War, for example, including what is widely believed to be its last: The Battle of Blue Licks in nearby Robertson County.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Cursor control
    6. Director’s cry
    9. Yellow rides
    13. “A Doll’s House” playwright
    14. Put into service
    15. Alluring maiden
    16. Thorny stems
    17. Ewe’s mate
    18. “Bravo! Bravo!”, e.g.
    19. *First state added after 13 colonies
    21. *July 4th Main Street tradition
    23. Famous T-Rex
    24. ____ list
    25. U.K. broadcaster
    28. Suggestive look
    30. Nada
    34. Building extensions at right angle to main building

  • Cynthiana High School reunion planned for June 26-27


  • When done at the last minute, moving is that much harder

    Most of you probably don’t know this, but when you’re a writer for the Democrat, you have to write a column every other week.
    I’m free to write about anything I want. I can share my opinion on things going on in the community, or on issues in general.
    For now at least, though, I’d like to use my columns just as a way for all of you out there to get to know me a little, as I’m trying to get to know all of you. I guess if I’m going to be writing for and about Cynthiana, it’s only fair for you all to know who I am.

  • Arraignment offers defendant a chance to hear charges, offer plea in court

    We discussed the grand jury process, but what happens once a defendant has been indicted on felony charges by the grand jury?  
    If the defendant was out on bond, the circuit judge typically enters an order transferring the bond to circuit court and setting the defendant’s case for the next available circuit court docket.  
    If the defendant is in jail because he was unable to post bond in district court or his case was submitted directly to the grand jury, the circuit judge issues a warrant for the defendant’s arrest.  

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Mine passage
    6. Chlorofluorocarbon
    9. Diplomat’s forte
    13. “____, I Love You” by The Doors
    14. “____ la la!”
    15. Harvest helper
    16. “Pomp and Circumstance Marches” composer
    17. Hula necklace
    18. Exclude
    19. *Father, e.g.
    21. *Frequently derided gift
    23. Baseball stat
    24. “Animal House” party garb
    25. “T” in Greek
    28. Symphony member
    30. *Dad, colloquially
    35. Ballpark stats