• Patience, courtesy needed during road repairs

    If you have school-age children and didn’t know that school began on Monday, your kids are a bit tardy.
    As usual, the Cynthiana Democrat news staff headed out with cameras in hand to grab the first-day-of-school photographs on Monday morning.
    For the most part, we found the students attacking the day with as much gusto as a kindergarten child can on the first day of school.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Bewildered or confounded
    6. Cul de ____
    9. Rum cake
    13. Church bell sounds
    14. Anger
    15. Give a green light
    16. Dogma
    17. ___ Aviv
    18. Cancer sign?
    19. *Higher education result
    21. *L in LMC
    23. “Yakety ____”
    24. W.’s advisor
    25. Tube in old TV
    28. *Classroom pests
    30. Catching sight of something
    35. “Jack and the Beanstalk” instrument
    37. ____ Scotia
    39. Ownership document

  • Officials have dropped the ball with Cedarbrook plant

    I’ve written quite a few columns since I’ve been with the Democrat. So far, I’ve used the opportunity to write about myself, or my family, so that everyone can get to know me a little better. And I will continue to do so. The time has come, however, to write about an issue going on in the community.

  • 'Great Museum Treasure Hunt’ a success

    I think a lot about how “technology” supplies children with untold hours of ‘entertainment’ these days. Movies, video games, Netflix streaming  TV shows, even educational games are all electronically available and just a touch away. It’s amazing really.
    They can be in the house, in the car, watching their brother or sister at a little league game, even in a restaurant waiting for their meal and entertainment is in the palm of their hands…via phones, tablets and now even wrist watches.

  • Mayor deserves kudos for work bettering city

    So often this space is used to slap the hands of public officials who have pulled the shades on a transparent government.
    Generally, it’s in the form of an editorial and historically is has been for some perceived open meetings infraction.
    I don’t want to do any hand-slapping today. I would rather raise my hands to offer praise this time.
    When Cynthiana Mayor James Smith took office he created a 100-day plan. He ranked 14 goals that he hoped to have achieved at the end of those days or at the very least to see movement there.

  • Personal privacy among issues in bills passed by U.S. House

    Washington, DC has the bad news blues.  Whether it’s Congress passing bills that spend billions of dollars we don’t have, rogue Supreme Court justices ignoring the clear text of the Constitution, or yet another unelected executive branch agency bureaucrat issuing a “regulation” that punishes free enterprise, it often seems that victories for freedom and liberty are rare.

  • Rain doesn't dampen fun at sister's wedding

    If you happened to read my column a few weeks ago, you might remember that I mentioned  my sister’s upcoming wedding. OK, I didn’t just mention it. I wrote a whole column about it.  
    Well, the wedding happened. No huge argument or cold feet intervened. And, unfortunately for those of us in the wedding party,  even torrential rain didn’t put a stop to the proceeding.
     And, yes, it was an outside wedding.

  • Rain has wreaked havoc all over county

    Generally, when someone doesn’t have anything else to say, they talk about the weather.
    However, this summer, weather is on the minds of many, and with the deadly devastation in Johnson County, it’s also in our prayers.
    Even before this week’s rounds of storms, we were experiencing a soggy summer.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution