• Crossword Puzzle

    1. “_____ End,” retailer
    6. Down Under bird
    9. Obscenity
    13. Hang around for
    14. Bamboozle
    15. Worn by some British soldiers on ceremonial occasions
    16. Gang
    17. Skirt’s edge
    18. Gung-ho
    19. *_______, JosÈ and Luciano
    21. *Athos, Porthos and ______
    23. Bit of binary code
    24. Again
    25. Public health approver
    28. To give approval in writing
    30. African tree
    35. Hurts
    37. Kind of bean

  • Defining what a crime is in legal terms

    Happy New Year, everyone. I hope that 2015 has brought about a resolution in your household to join me so that we can utilize our collective knowledge to fight crime in our community.  

  • Public meetings are law, no matter how awkward the subject

    I could throw out all sorts of cliches here: If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck; or even, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

  • The 2015 legislative session begins

    FRANKFORT – The General Assembly returned to the Capitol early last week, and in the House, we focused on electing our leadership, establishing our committee system for the next two years and hearing the eighth and final State of the Commonwealth address from Governor Steve Beshear.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. A minority people of New Zealand
    6. Dr. Frankenstein’s workplace
    9. *”____ Enchanted Evening”
    13. Straight _____, e.g.
    14. _ __ king
    15. *Exclamatory song from the Buddy Holly Musical
    16. Narcotics agent
    17. Under the weather
    18. Hal-9000’s chess opponent
    19. *Fantine: “I _______ a dream in time gone by...”
    21. Type of canned tomato
    23. ___ talk of encouragement

  • Harrison County's top 10 stories of 2014, revisited

    Even after three decades in this business, I still learn new lessons.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle


    1. Greek letter and ancient symbol of death
    6. First prime number
    9. ____ of March
    13. Curvaceous, as in a woman
    14. Common furniture wood
    15. “_____ and beyond”
    16. September stone
    17. E in BCE
    18. Downy duck
    19. *Remus’ twin
    21. *The first woman, Greek mythology
    23. *Chinese zodiac animal
    24. Engage
    25. Adherent of Taoism
    28. Additionally
    30. Central vein of a leaf
    35. *Viracocha worshipper

  • The worst thing we can do is nothing

    So, this Christmas, my “eldest” hostdaughter, Iris Melz, demonstrated to me the depth of our relationship as family.
    As has become a welcome annual tradition, my wife and I received a package with the usual selection of European chocolates. Iris has faithfully sent this type of gift to me, I mean ... us, these past five years.
    This year, however, Iris included a smaller package just for me — a Nike+ Fuelband.