• Crossword Puzzle

    1. *”Love Me Tender” performer
    6. “And She ___” by Talking Heads
    9. “For Whom the ____ Tolls”
    13. Wall coat
    14. B&B, e.g.
    15. *He fell in love with a face “that launched a thousand ships”
    16. February “People,” e.g.
    17. Parental involvement org.
    18. Trojan War story
    19. *He fell in love with Little Red-Haired Girl
    21. ______’s fee
    23. Old age, archaic
    24. Display displeasure

  • Of bad weather prophets and the quest for the perfect sled hill

    When city salt trucks skid and slide to the curb on the less steep side of Bridge Street hill, you know that the winter storms have taken it to a whole new level.

    I suppose it was inevitable that brutal winters would re-assert themselves in this area. Two years of relatively mild cold seasons is about all we can expect.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Abstains from food
    6. Female sib
    9. Like Homer Simpson’s head
    13. Freeze
    14. Notable time
    15. Andrea Bocelli, e.g.
    16. Third rock from the sun
    17. “I thee ___”
    18. Loosen laces, e.g.
    19. *Number of participating Olympic sports
    21. *Kerrigan’s nemesis
    23. Nest egg
    24. Poacher’s trophy
    25. A small amount of liquid
    28. Shining armor
    30. Ultra bookworm
    35. Viewer’s appreciation
    37. Riyadh native

  • Senate tasked with developing budget during 60-day session

    By Sen. Walter Blevins Jr.

    The Kentucky General Assembly convened Jan. 7 for the 2014 regular session.  More than 200 bills have already been filed and are working their way through the legislative process.

  • If you're going to run, It's time to get it done.

    The deadline to file for office is quickly approaching.


  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. What John Wilkes Booth did
    6. *Montana used it to throw 11 Super Bowl TDs
    9. Manufactured
    13. With ample space
    14. Waikiki garland
    15. Policeman’s shocker
    16. Spritelike
    17. Egg cells
    18. Shamu and such
    19. *The coldest Super Bowl venue to-date
    21. *2014 Super Bowl stadium name holder
    23. Australian runner
    24. Fries, e.g.
    25. Actor’s domain
    28. Trans-Siberian Railroad city
    30. *Last year’s power ______

  • Things heating up for new session



  • Welcome to the New Year

    I am hesitant to talk about my personal goals for 2014 largely because I know my parents read this column. They have a a really irritating habit of holding me accountable to my goals.
    As the year goes on and my resolutions recede — as they ought — into the softer and more manageable world of complacency, my mother will call me on Saturday morning with the inevitable questions:
    How’s that weight loss thing going, huh?
    You doing that longer writing project you said you wanted to pursue?