• Puzzle Answers -Black History Month

    4. African American undertakers and owners of funeral home - Bradshaw
    6. 1st African American Harrison County Track Coach - Robert Walker
    7. Was the location of African American Legion Hall in Cynthiana - China House
    10. Drafted by Cincinnati Reds right after graduating from HCHS - Brian Williams
    12. African American woman to lobby in Washington D.C. for flood control and receive a BLANK check for project in 1998 - Alice Allen
    13. Only African American Baptist Church in Cynthiana - Macedonia Baptist


  • A prosecutor’s perspective

    As I sit here typing and watching the snow fall silently outside my window, I have a moment to reflect on the past year at the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and think about what the future holds.
    It has been a busy and successful year for our office.  
    In 2015, our office obtained indictments in 253 new cases and closed out a total of 532 cases via sentencing, probation revocation hearing, or other final disposition. We have prosecuted a large number of cases this year, and most of them were drug-related.

  • Main Street News

    Last week I attended my first conference for Cynthiana Main Street. I traveled to Frankfort for three days to attend the Kentucky Main Street Conference.
    Unlike most conferences and seminars, this event was hands on. I set up a table in the Capitol Rotunda and spoke with legislators about Main Street. I was fortunate enough to meet with our own Rep. Tom McKee and attended an afternoon session.
    Many questions were asked about Main Street and I wanted to answer a couple of those for our community.
    Who is Main Street? What is the purpose of Main Street?

  • A job well done by city, county and state road workers

    I’m over winter. I’m ready for robins to sing and flowers to bloom.
    I’m even ready for hay fever.
    I’m not ready for another “snow event.”
    However, if it happens, I know that the road crews who cover Harrison County will have my back.
    They always do.
    From the time I got my drivers license to last week, they made sure the roads were clear.
    The most recent snow event was more scare than there. However, it did bring out the unsung heroes of Harrison County.
    I’m so proud of our road crews.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Often follows “taken”
    6. Common inquiries
    9. Tibetan monk
    13. Shakira’s soccer-playing partner Gerard
    14. Down Under bird
    15. Female fox
    16. Greyish brown
    17. *Romantic destination
    18. Unable to move
    19. *Valentine and the like
    21. *a.k.a ____ Awareness Day to some
    23. Found on grass some mornings
    24. *Lover of Aeneas
    25. *Special celebratory drink
    28. Preakness, e.g.
    30. Release of gas
    35. Baker’s baker

  • Chamber of Commerce news

    When I got word that I could have a guest column to talk about all things Chamber, I was elated. There are so many new things that are happening. I feel like I should probably start off with the basics for the first column.
    I have had many questions since accepting this position in September about the Chamber. A popular one is “What exactly is the Chamber of Commerce? What does it actually do?”

  • A Legislative Perspective on the Kentucky General Assembly

    The start of a legislative session is not much different than a train leaving a station; in other words, it takes a little time for it to pick up steam.
    With that metaphor in mind, the House’s priorities began moving down the track last week as the chamber voted overwhelmingly for two important measures, sending them on to the Senate for review.

  • State Senate Report

    Floor votes, committee hearings, and spirited debate highlighted an action-packed second week of session in the Kentucky Senate. Guests from all corners of the Commonwealth were welcomed to Frankfort to speak on behalf of various bills.
    The Senate began passing bills on Thursday, headlined by Senate Bill (SB) 9, a measure to repeal the prevailing wage requirement on public school projects with a cost of over $250,000. Passage of this priority legislation will reduce construction costs on large-scale school projects, thus providing additional funding for education.

  • MLK...a hero in my book

    The dictionary defines a “hero” as (1) a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities, or (2) a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.
    I’ve thought about those definitions and tried to apply them to people in my lifetime who might have been heroes.