• Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. “Haste makes waste,” e.g.
    6. Helicopter landing
    9. Deadly slitherers
    13. Bad car
    14. Pub offering
    15. Do this or forever hold your peace
    16. Say pretty please
    17. Junior’s junior
    18. Down and out
    19. *Sweet number in March
    21. *Point and shooting players
    23. Coltrane’s woodwind
    24. Not in favor of
    25. Final, abbr.
    28. Essen basin
    30. Firstborn
    35. Story part
    37. Plenty
    39. 6 in 1/6

  • The city commission and the $7,363 Parking Space

    In my 35-plus years of covering government meetings, I have to say I left one last week that had me scratching my head and wondering what in the world just happened? What was the purpose of the meeting?
    Oh yeah, it’s an election year and we’re talking political posturing at its best, or worst, however you want to look at it.
    The Cynthiana City Commission held a special meeting last Wednesday with three items on the agenda.
    1. Discussion on future of downtown Cynthiana

  • Looking for the great American town, part 1

    During an interview I had with Nell Anne Gossett and Jody Hendricks, the co-directors of the upcoming Steel Magnolias production, Gossett turned the tables on me.
    She was curious about my impressions of Cynthiana since joining the Democrat.

  • Legislature is seeking budget concensus

    As we welcome March at the capitol, we will see some of the legislature’s biggest issues – like the state’s biennial budget – brought to the forefront.  For us, March brings late nights and hard decisions as we work to reach a consensus on the most fiscally-responsible way to keep our state moving forward.
    Senate members have been following the House’s work on the budget closely, meeting with state budget officials and preparing for when budget legislation is delivered to our chamber.

  • House bill would allow students to self-administer insulin

    FRANKFORT – With this year’s legislative session passing the halfway point last week, the pace of legislation moving between the House and Senate is set to pick up significantly in the days ahead.

  • Diabetes diagnosis forces a change of habits

    I’m on this new healthy eating kick. Well, its not really new, but it’s been a long time on the back burner for me.
    When Dr. Wright delivers news sitting down, you know it’s serious.

  • Teenagers can sometimes be so ... generic

    "Give'Em Hell, Harry" at Harrison County High School

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Hesitates
    6. Cranberry habitat
    9. ____ Cola
    13. Tropical vine
    14. Hole punching tool
    15. “_____’s Heroes”
    16. Type of window
    17. “Young” prefix
    18. *_____ warning system for tsunamis
    19. *Twists around an eye
    21. *Polar ______
    23. To boot
    24. Long, long time
    25. Communications regulator
    28. *Like frostbitten fingers
    30. Snake, usually
    35. Porcine fat
    37. Hawk’s aerie, e.g.