• Honor Flight trip drives home true meaning of Memorial Day

    How did you spend your Memorial Day? Did you spend time with friends and family;  display your flag; tidy up the grave of a family member? Did you stop and think of the true meaning of Memorial Day and ask yourself, “Did I do enough? Can I do more?”  
    Though I have always observed Memorial Day in the usual ways, I have not always stopped to think about its true purpose – to recognize and remember the heroes who have fought and died to keep us free.

  • Crepe myrtles and winter damage

    In 2010 I wrote, “We should use more crape myrtles in Kentuckiana. They are not just for warm, temperate climes. In fact, there are a great many that go unbothered by an average winter in our parts.”
    Well, famous last words, right? I guess the operative words are “average winter.”   
    Crepe myrtles are one of the last of the summer blooming shrubs to break dormancy in the spring.  In fact, many fear that their crepe myrtles are dead because they are so slow to leaf out. This year, it just might be the case, however.  

  • Rocky road finally smooths out for new writer, leads to Cynthiana

    It’s really hard to believe that I have been at the Democrat for just over a week. It feels much, much longer.
    Part of it might be because I jumped into my role immediately, already having written five stories (plus this column). And part of it is probably the whirlwind of having met so many people. Mainly, though, I think it’s because from the moment I walked in the door, I felt at home, like it’s where I’m meant to be right now.

  • Just another bump in the road

    Since accepting a job offer with the University of Kentucky earlier this month, I envisioned my column for this week to have been the one that broke the news to Harrison County.

  • Miscellaneous musings and random scribbles

    Once again, after going through my column ideas folder of scribbled notes on church bulletins, saved emails and starts of columns I haven’t finished, I’m turning these random bits of miscellany into today’s column.
    I hope some of these thoughts will be helpful to someone reading this.
    •“How could a thorn ever be grace?” That’s from a song, “Strong,” that I heard at a church recently. Thorns hurt, and I was hurting that day.

  • Research before you look for a forever friend

    It’s been a few weeks ago that I made a trip down south I-75 with my daughter on her quest for a new puppy. A 6-week-old Pomeranian, which is also a bundle of cuteness and fur, was the must-have on this day.

  • A Prosecutor’s Perspective: Facts about jury duty, the selection process and the benefits of service

    I would like to take this opportunity to answer some excellent questions posed by readers like you. Many of the questions concern the manner in which jurors are selected. 

  • New state senator reviews the 2015 legislative session

    By Sen. Steve West
    I would like to thank the people of the 27th District for electing me to serve as your state senator. Although I only served in the Senate for the final two days of session, I was able to cast important votes for our district. Below is a list of the key pieces of legislation that came through the General Assembly in this short session:

  • Turnberg versus the Swarm, or, Uncommon events of a Friday afternoon

    At first glance, the bee swarm that had taken temporary residence on the roof adjacent to the Rohs Opera House didn’t appear to be all that large. But, of course, size is all a matter of perspective and mine was from a distance of about 10 feet inside the top floor of the local theater and movie house.
    It was Angel Turnberg who had the up close and personal point of view of the swarm.

  • Mike's Minute: Harrison County is Full of Talent

    After attending the Licking Valley Singers’ performance of Toppin’ the Charts on Friday night and the Starry Night performance Saturday night, I came to this conclusion:  Harrison County is full of talent.