• Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Face fringe
    6. Like a wallflower
    9. Something that happened too fast?
    13. One hipbone
    14. Romanian money
    15. Sheep’s clothing, e.g.
    16. Bassos, alternative spelling
    17. Middle-earth creature
    18. Balance sheet item
    19. *Peanut _______
    21. *Popular pastry center
    23. Exclamation of surprise
    24. Duds
    25. Tapped at parties
    28. Two-masted vessel
    30. Orient’s bigwig
    34. Misfortunes
    36. Not that
    38. Australian cockatoo

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Harvest helper
    6. Obi ___
    9. Disagreeing votes
    13. _ ____ in the sand
    14. International workers’ group
    15. *One of Violent Femmes?
    16. Consumed
    17. Common Russian given name
    18. Dead-on
    19. *He took a “Walk on the Wild Side”
    21. *First woman in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    23. Cauliflower ___ on a boxer
    24. Garden intruder
    25. Attorneys’ org.
    28. Italy’s obsolete money
    30. Mexican liquor distilled from desert plants

  • Sometimes it's best to just let the snow fall where it may

    If I had listened to my mother and become a school teacher, Monday’s snow would not have been an issue. But I didn’t and it was.

  • Take a tour through the criminal court process

    Beginning this week, let’s take a look at how criminal cases progress through our court system.  

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Cookie amount
    6. “You betcha!”
    9. Bartenders typically split these
    13. Ancient Greeks’ assembly area
    14. Snake-like reef dweller
    15. Gent or guy
    16. Salad dressing vessel
    17. African grazer
    18. *Truman’s “State of the _____” was first one on TV
    19. *”Return to Normalcy” President
    21. *Uniform ______ Holiday Act
    23. A Beatle bride
    24. Cowboy’s prod
    25. Egg cells
    28. Wisecrack

  • In the heroin fight, there is no ideal world

    Every time the lottery edges toward a multi-million dollar prize, most everyone plays the game of “what if.”
    What if you won $485 million -- or even a million? What would you do with it?
    Oh, I’d buy a new car and a house on the beach. I’d pay off my debts and those of my children. I’d travel. Give a portion to my church and other charities. I’d live it up in the high life.
    Now, switch that up.
    What if your child was a heroin addict? What would you do?

  • Cynthiana needs growth, but a tax is not the answer

    By Scott Grannis,
    Guest Editorial
    Throughout my life I recall my father saying “you can’t fight City Hall.”
    But when push came to shove, he did. I believe, as I think he did, not only that you can, but as a conscientious citizen, you must.
    Government rarely does a good job policing itself, so it is our jobs as citizens, to observe and speak out when a wrong is being committed. It is in that guise I write today.