• Learn more about the condition during October’s Dyslexia Awareness Month

    So, what is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a chronic condition defined as impairment in phoneme/grapheme knowledge and rapid word recognition. Dyslexia does not improve without targeted intervention, and affects not only how a person reads but also the ability to spell words, retrieve words, articulate words and to remember certain facts.
    This time last year I was having a conversation with my daughter’s teacher about struggles with reading.  

  • Political ads a dirty fight with no referee to ‘stop the silliness’

    I can remember my wonderful grandmother fretting over “What is this world coming to?”
    She passed away in 1982 and I have to wonder what she would think of today.
    I am not a television watcher. I rarely have it on in the evenings, choosing instead to read. However, earlier this week I decided I would flip it on.
    Now I remember why I chose to turn it off to begin with.

  • The fight for birth control should have been won long ago

    Loretta Lynn shocked the world when in 1975 she came out with her song “The Pill,” which was pretty much an anthem to birth control.
    In a nutshell the song says “I’m done being a baby-making machine.”
    When the song came out, people everywhere talked about the evils of birth control: the promotion of casual sex, the “loosening of morals,” the perceived threat to the institution of marriage.

  • Aggravation worth it for road improvements

    A lot can happen in a week.
    Due to a death in my family, I was out of town last week.
    I completely missed the construction work on the Ladish  Road bridge.
    I have avoided that route for awhile now because of the poor condition of the bridge’s surface.
    No more!
    In fact, to get to U.S. 27 South, that’s one of the alternate routes available.
    When I heard that the John Hunt Morgan bridge and the Ladish bridge were slated for repairs, my first thought was that they would be closed at the same time.


    Let’s take a little break from talking about the judicial process and discuss an issue that is negatively impacting our entire community.  There is an epidemic that is attempting to destroy our country, threaten our safety, and take our children from us.  It does not discriminate based upon age, race, or social class.  This menace is drugs, whether it is marijuana, pills, cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin.  

  • Coming of fall brings on dreaded realization that winter is on its way

    So it’s officially here.
    Fall. With its beautiful leaves and soft breezes and festivals galore. And let’s not forget Halloween, which is absolutely the best holiday.
    Yet I can’t help but feel sad at this time of year, because I know that in just about a month or so, those soft breezes will turn downright cold.
    There’ll be frigid temperatures and ice and snow. Jack Frost will be nipping at our noses (Sorry, I couldn’t help throwing that in there.)

  • The criminalization of food choices is government overreach

    In 2011, federal agents launched a sting operation on an Amish farmer.  Prof. Baylen J. Linnekin provides details of the raid:
    “Federal agents watched the home closely for a year, gathering evidence.  Then, in a pre-dawn raid, armed members from three agencies swooped in.

  • Activity-filled months ahead for Harrison County

    WANTED: Your help!
    Between now and the end of the year, things are going to be hopping in Cynthiana.
    We have two new ladies in leadership roles for getting and keeping Cynthiana on track.
    Karey Mattox Riddell has taken over The Main Street Program with the resignation of Emily Ammerman.
    And Tomi Jean Dailey Clifford officially started as the Cynthiana-Harrison County Chamber of Commerce executive director on Monday. I say “officially” because she hit the ground running even before her first day in the office.

  • Frankfort Focus

    With Labor Day behind us and cooler temperatures on the way, it finally feels like fall is here, even if the calendar tells us we still have about another week to go.
    For our farmers, the harvest season is where months of hard work and hopefully good luck with the weather pays off.   While significant rainfall earlier in the year made it difficult at times, there are encouraging signs that our crops are largely following their traditional trends.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution