• Crossword Puzzle

    1. Face fringe
    6. Like a wallflower
    9. Something that happened too fast?
    13. One hipbone
    14. Romanian money
    15. Sheep’s clothing, e.g.
    16. Bassos, alternative spelling
    17. Middle-earth creature
    18. Balance sheet item
    19. *Peanut _______
    21. *Popular pastry center
    23. Exclamation of surprise
    24. Duds
    25. Tapped at parties
    28. Two-masted vessel
    30. Orient’s bigwig
    34. Misfortunes
    36. Not that
    38. Australian cockatoo

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Harvest helper
    6. Obi ___
    9. Disagreeing votes
    13. _ ____ in the sand
    14. International workers’ group
    15. *One of Violent Femmes?
    16. Consumed
    17. Common Russian given name
    18. Dead-on
    19. *He took a “Walk on the Wild Side”
    21. *First woman in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    23. Cauliflower ___ on a boxer
    24. Garden intruder
    25. Attorneys’ org.
    28. Italy’s obsolete money
    30. Mexican liquor distilled from desert plants

  • Sometimes it's best to just let the snow fall where it may

    If I had listened to my mother and become a school teacher, Monday’s snow would not have been an issue. But I didn’t and it was.

  • Take a tour through the criminal court process

    Beginning this week, let’s take a look at how criminal cases progress through our court system.  

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Cookie amount
    6. “You betcha!”
    9. Bartenders typically split these
    13. Ancient Greeks’ assembly area
    14. Snake-like reef dweller
    15. Gent or guy
    16. Salad dressing vessel
    17. African grazer
    18. *Truman’s “State of the _____” was first one on TV
    19. *”Return to Normalcy” President
    21. *Uniform ______ Holiday Act
    23. A Beatle bride
    24. Cowboy’s prod
    25. Egg cells
    28. Wisecrack

  • In the heroin fight, there is no ideal world

    Every time the lottery edges toward a multi-million dollar prize, most everyone plays the game of “what if.”
    What if you won $485 million -- or even a million? What would you do with it?
    Oh, I’d buy a new car and a house on the beach. I’d pay off my debts and those of my children. I’d travel. Give a portion to my church and other charities. I’d live it up in the high life.
    Now, switch that up.
    What if your child was a heroin addict? What would you do?

  • Cynthiana needs growth, but a tax is not the answer

    By Scott Grannis,
    Guest Editorial
    Throughout my life I recall my father saying “you can’t fight City Hall.”
    But when push came to shove, he did. I believe, as I think he did, not only that you can, but as a conscientious citizen, you must.
    Government rarely does a good job policing itself, so it is our jobs as citizens, to observe and speak out when a wrong is being committed. It is in that guise I write today.

  • There ain't nothing wrong at all with us Kentucky Christians

    Thank you, Nick Lally, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Creation Science Hall of Fame in Tranquility, New Jersey, for your letter last week showing me the tough, no-nonsense side of my brother New “Joisey” Christians.