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    What’s it mean to you?

    We’ve seen a renewed passion in Cynthiana in recent months. 

    And, the good is beginning to overshadow the bad. Certainly, Cynthiana and Harrison County have their problems. There’s still a terrible drug/heroin problem eating away at our young adults, but even that seems to be lessening.

    Perhaps I’m looking through rose-colored glasses and seeing what I want to see.

  • Sen. West on the Fourth of July

     The Fourth of July gives us all a chance to reflect on our country and to take pride in our nation’s enduring principles. It is the day on which the Declaration of Independence was ratified by exemplary visionaries who dared to create a new form of government and new laws for a new people. For the first time it was decided that every person is born with certain God-given rights and that government should have no powers of its own other than those granted to it by the people.

  • Frankfort Focus with Rep. Tom McKee

    FRANKFORT – While the calendar tells us that summer technically began last week, the truth is that it feels like the season is halfway over by the Fourth of July, since that is roughly the mid-point between the end of one school year and the start of the next.

  • Main Street’s Community Clean-up is July 9

    Mark your calenders, Cynthiana Main Street’s Community Clean-up day is just around the corner. On Saturday, July 9, from 10 a.m.-12 p.m., Main Street will be hosting its fourth Community Clean-up day.
    If you have a green thumb, please come on down to the Court House and lend your expertise. We will be focusing on weeding the flower beds all around town.  

  • Viewpoint

    In my lifetime, I suppose the most significant political occurrence would have to be the Watergate Scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.
    Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward pieced together a seemingly inconsequential burglary of the Democratic National Party headquarters at the Watergate Office building and eventually tied that to Nixon’s White House staff, leading to his resignation.

  • Connersville School 1939-40
  • Pick-a-Project: Crape Myrtles . . . we can do it

    Would you come with me as we wander down memory lane for a few lines?
    Do you remember way back when Harrison High School decided to add football to its sports offerings? Do you remember that the team consisted of high school boys who had, for the most part, never played football, and a coach who had never coached football? Do you also remember that there was no expectation that this team could do very well?
    And that was O.K., they were young and inexperienced and it could take years for Harrison County football to reach any level of success.

  • Cynthiana -- Prepare yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse

    Are we ready for a zombie apocalypse?
    There’s no need to head for your doomsday shelter just yet. But, that doesn’t mean that in the week’s ahead that shelter won’t come in handy.
    The creative minds of Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore blended to put Cynthiana out there in comic book land when they developed The Walking Dead.
    It became an immediate got-to-have comic book and caught the eye of AMC execs, who eventually developed TWD into a phenomenally successful television series.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Angry walk
    6. Bell and Barker, e.g.
    9. Fields and Basinger
    13. Donny’s singing sister
    14. *T.S. Eliot poem, “____ Wednesday”
    15. Loosen laces
    16. Glorify
    17. *Theodor Geisel, ____ Dr. Seuss
    18. Daughter of a sibling
    19. *Wordsworth or Shakespeare
    21. *He hears America singing
    23. Pig’s digs
    24. Discharge
    25. Exchange for money
    28. Grey, of tea fame
    30. Like oxen put together
    35. Second-hand
    37. Saintly glow