• In the heroin fight, there is no ideal world

    Every time the lottery edges toward a multi-million dollar prize, most everyone plays the game of “what if.”
    What if you won $485 million -- or even a million? What would you do with it?
    Oh, I’d buy a new car and a house on the beach. I’d pay off my debts and those of my children. I’d travel. Give a portion to my church and other charities. I’d live it up in the high life.
    Now, switch that up.
    What if your child was a heroin addict? What would you do?

  • Cynthiana needs growth, but a tax is not the answer

    By Scott Grannis,
    Guest Editorial
    Throughout my life I recall my father saying “you can’t fight City Hall.”
    But when push came to shove, he did. I believe, as I think he did, not only that you can, but as a conscientious citizen, you must.
    Government rarely does a good job policing itself, so it is our jobs as citizens, to observe and speak out when a wrong is being committed. It is in that guise I write today.

  • There ain't nothing wrong at all with us Kentucky Christians

    Thank you, Nick Lally, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Creation Science Hall of Fame in Tranquility, New Jersey, for your letter last week showing me the tough, no-nonsense side of my brother New “Joisey” Christians.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle


    1. A bunch, as in cookies
    6. *Q-___, Grammy-winning rapper from A Tribe Called Quest
    9. *Yo-Yo Ma won for performing this composer’s Cello Suites
    13. Luau greeting
    14. Australian runner
    15. Podium, pl.
    16. Letter’s end
    17. The lower this is the better
    18. Unwilling
    19. *_______ Center, Grammy Awards event host
    21. *It’s shaped like an antique record player
    23. Fool
    24. Not quite an adult
    25. Mother, sister or daughter

  • Youth Movement a good idea in need of Harrison County support

    Most of us had role models while we were growing up, parents, aunts, uncles. Even your neighbors mom or dad stepped up if they had too.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Supporting workers
    6. Military activities
    9. Self-satisfaction
    13. *Mike Ditka has his own brand of this smoke
    14. One who is not Jewish, Yiddish
    15. Done for dramatic affect?
    16. Often done for one’s sins
    17. Unagi
    18. Garment enlarger
    19. *The ___ ____
    21. *Winners of first two Super Bowls
    23. AprËs-____
    24. Keep it up?
    25. State V.I.P.
    28. Starch used in Asian food
    30. Extremely tiny
    34. Top of Kilimanjaro, e.g.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. “_____ End,” retailer
    6. Down Under bird
    9. Obscenity
    13. Hang around for
    14. Bamboozle
    15. Worn by some British soldiers on ceremonial occasions
    16. Gang
    17. Skirt’s edge
    18. Gung-ho
    19. *_______, JosÈ and Luciano
    21. *Athos, Porthos and ______
    23. Bit of binary code
    24. Again
    25. Public health approver
    28. To give approval in writing
    30. African tree
    35. Hurts
    37. Kind of bean