• Crossword Puzzle


    1. Done with a knife
    6. Pendulum’s path
    9. Pompous talk or writing
    13. Salk’s conquest
    14. Gunk
    15. *Given name of “Dog the Bounty Hunter”
    16. Tree in Latin
    17. Hold title to
    18. Knightly suit
    19. *Nickelodeon’s conjoined brothers (1998-2005)
    21. Dig further
    23. Deadeye’s forte
    24. Good earth
    25. Young woman making her debut
    28. Le Corbusier’s art

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Kingdom in South Pacific
    6. Worn on shoulders
    9. *Lena Horne’s venue, “Cotton ____”
    13. Poppy seed derivative
    14. Chemist’s office?
    15. Picture
    16. Out of style
    17. Roswell subject
    18. Relating to tones
    19. *Germany’s chancellor
    21. *It caused the Dust Bowl of the 1930s
    23. “___’em!” to a dog
    24. Fine print add-ons
    25. Latissimus dorsi, for short
    28. *Palo ____, where Hewlett-Packard was formed

  • Medicaid expansion could change Kentucky’s course, big time

    By Al Cross,
    Kentucky Health News
     “Today we change the course of Kentucky’s history.”
    It is not often that a public official can say such a thing with a large measure of credibility, but Gov. Steve Beshear legitimately raised that hope last Thursday, as he announced that he would expand Kentucky’s Medicaid program under federal health reform.

  • Look for warning signs and think before you act

    It saddens me to know that there has yet again been a young life taken from the world at such an early age.
    A young HCHS student allgedly took his own life over the weekend, leaving behind a host of family and friends to grieve his death.
    While everyone wants to know the answers to why, how and when, all that I care about are that measures are still not taken to prevent things like this from happening.
    Now I am not so naive to think that there is a magical switch that can be turned off to disable people from ever harming themselves.

  • Seeing police from diffrent perspective

    For the last several weeks I have been participating in the Kentucky State Police’s Citizens Police Academy.
    I have regular dealings with the Kentucky State Police and law enforcement in general. I have gone on ride-alongs with troopers over the years and have felt just a smattering of the adrenaline of a high-speed chase... er pulling over a speeder, but there were blue lights and sirens.
    Well, you get the picture.
    However, the CPA has been a complete eye opener.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Between streets
    6. Acorn producer
    9. Dwelling choice
    13. Garlicky mayonnaise
    14. Club ___
    15. Henry, Mary or Elizabeth
    16. *Amsterdam’s Anne Frank House is where she hid from them
    17. Pilot’s announcement, acr.
    18. Do penance
    19. *Red Square attraction
    21. *Lady ______
    23. Always, in verse
    24. Greek personification of Earth
    25. Body, slang
    28. Medicine bottle
    30. Enter uninvited
    35. Augments or increases, often precedes “out”

  • There is plenty to do this summer in Harrison County

    Is summer really on its way?
    For the sake of not jinxing the county back into another cold spell... maybe I won’t say it out loud, but I do believe that warm weather is in our near future.
    So what does that mean?
    It means a lot for many Harrison County families if you think about it.
    Baseball is now underway, so many families will be gathering nearly every weekend to watch their children and grandchildren make memories at River Road Park.

  • “A Starry Night - An Arts Experience”…

    By: Karen Bear