• Crossword Puzzle

    1. Trigonometry ratio
    6. *It offers three games on Thanksgiving
    9. Beauty salon sound
    13. Throat dangler
    14. Chapter in history
    15. Connect by dialing
    16. An episode of “The Brady Bunch,” e.g.
    17. Boozehound
    18. Sty sounds
    19. Edit for publication
    21. *Thanksgiving cause for celebration
    23. Tokyo, formerly
    24. Done to a heart?
    25. Loquacious person’s gift
    28. Medicinal house plant
    30. Be owned by

  • The kids are all right ... but they could certainly use our help

    Was there ever a time when the world wasn’t coming to an end?

  • A warm welcome to the Season of Giving

    The giving season is upon  us and there are so many ways to help others -- here at home or across the globe.
    Each year the Christmas Angel program, which is managed through the Family Resource Centers, grows beyond everyone’s expectations. Somehow, though, the needs are met and there are children who wake up Christmas morning to gifts they wouldn’t otherwise receive.
    Through an application process, families who have fallen on tough times submit gift ideas for their child or children.

  • They ain't no ladies, they are bugs.

    I cannot allow the Halloween edition of this paper to pass without raising the alarm about something truly terrifying. As a horror movie fan, I am familiar with many of the things that fill us with revulsion, feed our nightmares and quite possibly originate from paid government scientists playing in God’s domain.
    I had no idea what that terrible thing was until I arrived home last Monday night.

  • Will Roundabout be "Traffic Calming Circle" or "CRASH?"

    Think Hank Jr.: Are you ready for the roundabout?

  • ‘Things are here today and gone tomorrow’

    Since 2004, I have had this recurring dream.

    I am in my house and, though it is completely furnished with my belongings, it is still under construction. I can see open places in the ceiling. The roof has only half its shingles in place, the rest is thin tar paper. 

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Opposite of rappel
    6. Be mistaken
    9. Long, long time
    13. Eagle’s nest, e.g.
    14. Remain
    15. Like unrefined oil
    16. Actor Jeremy
    17. Credit card acronym
    18. *Spooky
    19. *It’s illuminating
    21. Two dots above a letter
    23. Last word of “America the Beautiful”
    24. Speed unit
    25. Highest card in “War”
    28. Calf-length skirt
    30. Relating to living organisms
    35. Legal prefix
    37. Hyperbolic tangent

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Abandon
    6. *”One, ___, Buckle My Shoe”
    9. Not as much
    13. Convex molding
    14. *”Have ___ any wool?”
    15. Fancy home
    16. Chocolate substitute
    17. Boy toy
    18. Permeate
    19. *Like jumping Jack
    21. *Jack Horner’s spot
    23. *Blackbird dessert
    24. Bad impression
    25. *”He ___ in his thumb, and pulled out a plum”
    28. “A ____ of Two Cities”
    30. Josey Wales, e.g.
    35. Aphrodite’s son