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  • Cynthiana vendors invited to showcase goods at Tractor Supply’s Spring Market Day

     Calling all growers, crafters and artisans: the Cynthiana Tractor Supply store is inviting you to showcase your homemade and homegrown goods at its spring Market Day event Saturday, May 12.
    Vendors with expertise in everything from homemade crafts, candles and soaps to honey, eggs, produce, baked goods, gardening, furniture and more are encouraged to sign up. To register, vendors should visit TSCEventPartners.com or the Cynthiana store. Nonprofit organizations and food trucks are also encouraged to register. Vendor registration closes Wednesday, May 9.

  • Spring vegetables easiest of the season

    We spent the weekend weeding, preparing soil and planting potatoes, onions, leeks, lettuces, peas, carrots and beets.
    It felt so good to start the vegetable growing season.  Then I looked at the weather forecast calling for snow in April. Oh well, these spring vegetables won’t mind a little cool weather. They should respond quickly to some April showers.
    In fact, some lettuce seedlings had already emerged in the kitchen garden from last year’s stray seed, a sure sign of early spring greens that love this time of the year.

  • School Menus

    April 16-20
    * Menus subject to change due to weather and delivery.

    MONDAY: Cinnamon toast or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    TUESDAY: Dunkin stick or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    WEDNESDAY: Biscuit and egg patty or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    THURSDAY: Donut or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    FRIDAY: Cini minnis or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, fruit, choice of milk or juice.

  • The story behind crape myrtles...and more

    Remember when Lewis Carroll’s Walrus said to the Carpenter, “We will talk of many things . . . of cabbages and kings?”
    If you don’t, it is a delightful poem you might like to read to your children or grandchildren or anyone under the age of 50.
    But to get to the point, my mind was racing this morning with possible subjects for our visit. So instead of doing the journalistic thing and sticking to one subject, let’s look at several.  

  • Viewpoint

    See ya Winter! It’s time for you to go. You are encroaching on Spring.
    I’m not happy about snow in April and wish you would just take your wind chill and go. In fact, I don’t even want to hear “wind chill” ever again.
    It has been a jolly ride, but I’m jolly well done.
    I’ve been thinking Spring at least since the time change to Daylight Savings Time and probably, realistically, a month before that.
    In just a few days, on April 21 and 22, the annual Cynthiana Democrat Home and Garden Show will kick off.

  • Candidate forum is Saturday morning

    The Cynthiana-Harrison County Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a “Meet the Candidates” forum this Saturday, April 14, beginning at 10 a.m. at the Harrison County Extension Office.
    The forum will include all local candidates running for county offices in the upcoming May primary election.
    Candidates will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and will be asked questions. Former Cynthiana Democrat publisher George Jacobs will serve as moderator.

  • MCTC has $71 million impact on region’s economy, study shows

    For most people, a $7 return on every dollar invested is considered a good return. That’s the average amount students attending Maysville Community & Technical College (MCTC) receive, according to a new study by Emsi. Additionally, the study shows taxpayers receive a $4.70 return on investment (ROI) and society benefits $9.60 in added state revenue and social services savings for every dollar invested in MCTC.

  • State representative explains pension bill vote

    Lee Kendall,
    News Writer

    According to Rep. Mark Hart (R), the controversial public pension bill that was rushed through the General Assembly on Thursday, March 29, will have little, if any, impact on current or retired teachers.
    On Thursday, Senate Bill 151, a bill that previously had dealt with waste-water treatment, was amended to include many provisions in the stalled Senate Bill 1, that originally included public pension language.

  • Four defendants learn their fate during Tuesday formal sentencing

    Becky Barnes,

    Four individuals were sentenced in Harrison Circuit Court on Tuesday.
    Martin Taylor, who last month changed his plea to guilty, was sentenced to three years in prison which was probated for five years on conditions set by the court.
    Taylor was convicted on charges of impersonating a peace officer on three different occasions. He also pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment.

  • Harrison County jurors to hear 11 cases in April

    Becky Barnes,

    As of press time, there were 11 jury trials scheduled in Harrison Circuit Court in April.
    On the docket for April 20 will be the family and friends who were allegedly involved in drug trafficking in the Corinth area and whose arrests were made on Dec. 19, 2017.