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  • Church News

    A 13-week GriefShare session will be offered for grieving/hurting people who have lost loved ones, on Sundays from 5-7 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church, 302 E. Pike St.
    The sessions will begin Aug. 28 and the public is urged to attend and can join at any time.
    For more information contact Leona Bell at 859-954-5070. You may also find information on the facebook page at Leona Bell GriefShare group, or www.GriefShare.org.


  • Grace Notes

    Every weekday at noon I post a question of the day on the Chronicle’s Facebook page.
    Sometimes it’s a fun question about food -- everybody likes food. Sometimes it’s about a local or national issue.
    The questions are meant to get people engaged with the newspaper, although sometimes they get people enraged -- with the paper, with each other, sometimes with me just because I asked a question.
    If I know one thing about human nature it’s that people love to be offended and they love to feud, take sides, lob bombs and throw mud at others.

  • community calendar

    THURSDAY, Sept. 14
    Berry City Commission will meet Thursday, Sept. 14 at 7 p.m., at Berry City Hall. The meetings are open to the public.
    Operation Organization-Holiday Edition Part 1. Thursday, Sept. 14 at 11 a.m. at the Cynthiana-Harrison County Public Library for adults. This is a repeat program.

  • Deputies capture alleged shooter

    Becky Barnes,

    Harrison County Sheriff’s deputies have captured Thomas Field VanMeter.
    About 9:30 a.m., VanMeter was captured in the area where a shooting occurred on Monday.
    There were no injuries from yesterday’s shoot-out with law enforcement and none reported this morning from his capture.
    As law enforcement was drawn in from adjoining counties as well as Frankfort, VanMeter was spotted crossing through fields on KY 1842.

  • No school Tuesday, Sept. 12

    Harrison County law enforcement was joined Tuesday afternoon by several other agencies in a search for an active shooter. That person has not been located. 

    Just before 2 pm Monday a KU helicopter was shot down around White Oak Pike and Fritz Lane. The two pilots were not injured and picked up by a KSP helicopter. 

    Harrison County sheriff's deputies were fired on by the shooter and they returned fire. It is not know if the shooter was hit. 

  • 2016-17 Harrison County School District salaries

    Dotson, Andy    $134,508.24
    Shepard, Melissa    $111,361.41
    Case, David    $105,013.44
    Hatter, Jenny Lynn    $92,583.60
    Asher, Julie    $90,387.36
    Switzer, Robert    $89,583.60
    Yearsley, Brad    $89,415.84
    Maggard, Belinda    $89,224.06
    McIntire, Michael    $87,843.60
    Fowler, Steven    $86,848.32
    Hill, Sharon    $86,848.32

  • Harvey relief accepted at state highway barn

    Lee Kendall,
    News Writer

    The new State Highway Maintenance Barn, located on the by-pass, will be accepting Hurricane Harvey Relief donations until the close of business on Wednesday, Sept. 13.
    Local Supervisor Kevin Florence said that someone would be at the barn from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

  • Ayala sentenced in federal court

    Becky Barnes,

    Miguel Ayala was found guilty of robbery involving controlled substances and possession with intent to distribute hydrocodone in federal court in May.
    On Monday, Aug. 28, Ayala was sentenced to 150 months in prison. Upon completion of the sentence, he will remain on parole for three years.
    He is also required to pay restitution of $3,219.61 to Rite Aid Pharmacy on  Executive Drive in Lexington.

  • Increase of Cynthiana mayor’s salary tabled for more research

    Becky Barnes,

    A decision to double the salary of Cynthiana’s mayor in the next term was tabled Tuesday after Commissioner Jada Griggs said she would like more time to view the proposal.
    Commissioner Mark Mattmiller said the time to make the decision was prior to the filing deadline for the next election.

  • Elridge recalls wisdom he received from the late John Swinford

    David Stone,
    News writer

    Cynthiana native Colmon Elridge is expecting at least two questions when he returns to town Sept. 14 to host the Harrison County Democratic Party’s John Swinford Dinner: Will he or won’t he?
    Elridge, who served as executive assistant to former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, is considered a potential candidate in two races — the 6th District House of Representatives and governor — but he’s staying mum for now.