Today's News

  • Harrison District Court

    Judge Charles W. Kuster Jr.
    presiding May 5, 2014
    Estate of John H. Burrier, motion hour; order entered.
    Estate of Mary Louise Courtney, probate hearing; will admitted, order entered, bond approved.
    Estate of Ruby McGarvey Lenox, probate hearing; will admitted as self-proven.
    Estate of Charles Mac Nichols Sr., probate hearing; will admitted.
    Estate of Nancy L. Simpson, probate hearing; will admitted, order entered, bond approved.

  • Property Transfers

    Rose Acceptance, Inc. to Donald Powell and Connie Powell, Lot D in Harrison County, $35,000.
    Special Warranty Deed: HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Joe Chambers and Helen Chambers, property at 78 Dutch Chapel Road, $18,500.
    Joe Chambers and Helen Chambers to William Anthony Perraut and Kimberly Perraut, property in Harrison County.
    Barbara Marie Rorer Thaxton and Glen R. Thaxton to Becal Ventures, LLC, Lot 58 in the Hancock Addition (505 S. Elmarch), $50,000.

  • New Drivers

    Karen Harney, Lauren Clarke, Madison Pluckenett, Charlee Brinkmeyer, Matt Seevers, Celina Ruth Alas, Jarred Lake, Alisha Noble, Davi Stanley.

  • Northside Drama Club
  • School Menus

    MONDAY: Breakfast pizza or cereal toast, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.
    TUESDAY: Pancakes with syrup or cereal with toast, yogurt, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.
    WEDNESDAY: Sausage biscuit or cereal, toast, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.
    THURSDAY: Cinnamon toast, yogurt or cereal, toast, fruit or juice, choice of milk.
    FRIDAY: French toast sticks with syrup, yogurt or cereal, toast, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.


  • HCMS Lab Field Trip
  • Tips on having a successful garden

    Mulching can make all the difference between a garden that is a joy to work and watch and one that is tedious and untidy.
    Among mulch’s greatest attributes is its ability to help control weeds.
    Mulch also helps conserve soil moisture by 50 percent or more by covering the soil to slow down evaporation. UK soil scientists have found that a mulch on the soil surface can conserve about six inches of soil water during growing season. Most of the water conserved will reduce and/or delay plant water stress.

  • Plant propagation from softwood cuttings

    The most common form of plant propagation is digging and dividing which is frequently done in early spring before new growth or in the fall before plants go dormant.  Digging and dividing is great for herbaceous plants but those plants that are considered woody ornamentals do not divide as easily with a spade. In this case we can look to the technique of rooting out softwood cuttings from the mother plant.  

  • 2014 acreage reporting deadlines

    The USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) reminds agricultural producers of the acreage reporting requirements that must be met prior to receiving program benefits. Filing an accurate acreage report for all crops and land uses, including failed acreage and prevented planting acreage, can prevent the loss of benefits for a variety of programs.
    In order to comply with FSA program eligibility requirements, all producers are encouraged to visit their local FSA office to file an accurate crop certification report by the applicable deadline.

  • Gas leak shuts down New Lair road Thursday

    By Josh Shepherd, News writer
    New Lair Road between Harrison County High School and Cynthiana Tire was closed to traffic for four hours Thursday due to a major leak in a Columbia Gas pipeline that sent a white plume of natural gas skyward near several residential homes.