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  • Bramble pruning late this year

    The bramble patch is usually cleaned up by now but the cold winter has set us back with a few of our garden chores.  
    It turns out that this may be a good thing after all: The University of Kentucky has sent out a “blackberry alert” urging gardeners to hold off on pruning blackberry and raspberry until new shoots begin to emerge.  
    They are expecting more than usual die back due to our cold winter season.
    Most brambles are biennial which means they fruit on second-year growth.  

  • Leadership Program
  • Meats 101: Beef

    By Benita Peoples, Co. ext. agent
    Protein is an essential part of your daily diet. Meat is an excellent choice of protein. Come learn with us about the new cuts of beef, wet age vs. dry aged: prime, choice and select cuts of beef; grain fed; buying local meats; fat content of beef; and cooking methods based upon the cut of meat selected.

  • Score 'N' More
  • Stock Chart
  • School Menus

    MONDAY: Breakfast pizza or cereal toast, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.
    TUESDAY: Pancakes with syrup, Gogurt or cereal, toast, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.
    WEDNESDAY: Cinnamon toast, Gogurt or string cheese or cereal, toast, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.
    THURSDAY: Pancake on a stick with syrup, string cheese or cereal, toast, fruit or juice, choice of milk.
    FRIDAY: Cinnamon rolls, string cheese or cereal, toast, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.

  • Harrison Memorial Hospital offers new online service for customers

    On April 8, Harrison Memorial Hospital unveiled its interactive website portal called HMHmyhealth! This new resource, found on our HMH website, will empower patients and families to take a more active role in their health care by providing easy, secure access to their very own health information.    
    This health information will include laboratory and radiology results, discharge medications, a list of patient allergies, demographic information, histories of your medical visits, discharge/aftercare instructions and more.    

  • Allran joins the HMH Physician Group

    Harrison Memorial Hospital announces that Dr. Charles Allran has joined the HMH Physician Group and will begin serving patients at HMH on a full-time basis.
    With more than 12 years of surgical experience, Allran is a general surgeon with particular interests in disorders of breast and abdomen, skin lesions, laparoscopic procedures and gastrointestinal endoscopy. He, along with Dr. Karl Schulstad and Dr. Brady Reid, will provide general surgical services to our patients.    

  • Honor Roll

    The Eastside Elementary Honor Roll for the third term includes:
    Fourth Grade
    Brooklyn Alcorn, Jenna Berry, Daniel Burden, Caleb Burns, Evie Burns, Gabriella Burns, Auna Caudill, Cheyenne Cole, James Collins, Allen Crump, Desiree Davis, Jonathan Eldridge, Andrew Fryman, Adyn Funkhouser, Bradley Garber, Zachary Gooden, Olivia Hatterick, Mason Hedges, Connor Hileman, Kara Hines, Lindsey Howard, Kylie Hudgins;

  • SBDM parent elections will be April 28

    Site Based Decision Making Council Parent Elections for the 2014-2015 school year will take place on Monday, April 28, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. in the HCHS front office. Any parent of a 2014-15 Harrison County High School student will be eligible to vote on this day.  
    The legal definition of parent allows biological parents, stepparents, foster parents, or persons who have court-ordered legal custody to be nominated or to vote.