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  • Harrison County Sheriff's Report

    Nov. 21--Dep. Matt Royse cited Ashley O’Brien with failure to wear belts, license to be in possession, no registration plates and no registration receipt.
    Nov. 21--Dep. Matt Royse cited Ashley Haubner, Falmouth, for speeding (10 mph over the speed limit), failure to wear seat belts and no registration receipt.
    Nov.  22--Dep. Robert Peak served a criminal summons from Harrison District Court to Amber Fick for two counts of theft by deception including cold checks, under $500.

  • ‘Wild’ animals could teach us all a lesson

    I have noticed that many people have pretty definite reactions when I say I feed a raccoon.
    Until this raccoon came to my house, injured and starving, I did not know they had such a bad reputation. How could that be? It seemed to me that they are just cute and smart and harmless.
    Hmm, that is before I heard lots of painful recitations of ruined corn patches and gardens and how resourceful folks have to be to protect their harvest.
    Well, OK. I learned a good lesson, but there are extenuating circumstances.

  • Archery teams hope to live up to high ranking

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    Harrison County head archery coach Jeromy Northcutt has high expectations once again for the 2016-17 archery season.  
    Northcutt heads up the archery teams at the high school, middle schools and elementary school levels.
    Team tryouts and practice began back in September with more than 90 students out for the three teams.  

  • The Water Street Monsters
  • Viewpoint

    Forty years ago last August, Ernie and I were married. A day later, we were in the beautiful Smoky Mountains at Gatlinburg.
    I had never been, at least I don’t remember ever having been there. And I truly think I would have remembered the Elvis Museum.
    There wasn’t much more than that in Pigeon Forge at the time ... perhaps the Muscle Car Museum. However, we were on the downhill of the muscle car era. I’m not so sure there would have been a museum yet.

  • Sports This Week

    Nov. 30 – Dec. 7

    Saturday, Dec. 3 at Pendleton Co. Invitational

    Fillies Basketball
    Thursday, Dec. 1 at Lexington Christian (Varsity only) 6 PM
    Friday, Dec. 2 vs. Tates Creek (H) JV/V   6/7:30 PM**
    Saturday, Dec. 3 vs. Bellevue (H) JV/V 1 PM/2:30 PM
    Wednesday, Dec. 7 at Grant Co. JV/V 6/7:30 PM
    ** Nov. 28 game with Tates Creek is rescheduled for December 2 6/7:30 PM

    Saturday, Dec. 3 Rumble on the Hilltop (H)

    Breds Basketball

  • Tragedy in our county

    The dictionary says that a tragedy is an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as an accident, crime, or natural catastrophe.   
    The events of last Wednesday afternoon, Thanksgiving Eve, can only be described as a tragedy.  
    Whenever a young person’s life is taken away no matter the circumstance, or who the young person is, there are always those close to that person who are saddened and remorseful.  

  • Bowling Results

    Tuesday Mixed Couples 11/22/16
    1 Sandbaggers W 33.0/L 19.0
    2 Wannabees W 32.0/L 20.0
    3 Alley Cats W 30.0/L 22.0
    4 Roses and Thorns W 30.0/L 22.0
    5 Thunderstruck W 27.5/L 24.5
    6 Strikes and Spares W 27.0/L 25.0
    7 N.A.T.E. W 26.0/L 26.0
    8 Almost Beyond W 25.5/L 26.5
    9 P’s and W’s W 24.5/L 27.5
    10 Bassin & Bowlin W 24.0/L 28.0
    11 Kool Cats W 24.0/L 28.0
    12 C4 W 22.0/L 30.0
    13 Miasus Dragon W 20.0/L 32.0
    14 Let It Go W 18.5/L 33.5

  • Grace Notes

    Last Saturday, Larry Silverman caught a catfish, which he considers a miracle, a moment of light after a year of incredible darkness.
    Larry is the pastor of New Covenant of Grace Fellowship in Inverness, FL.
    Last year, Larry had a loose tooth, and shortly after he had it pulled he was diagnosed with cancer in his mouth. As a result, he had part of his tongue removed and his jaw reconstructed using a bone and skin from his leg. He now eats through a feeding tube.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution