Today's News

  • Skunks on the move

    It is that time of year again and I am reminded because of the smell and road kill left behind. Plus, a strong scent of skunk has been lingering in the pasture this past week; and I got an Instagram video from my niece as she was clearly backing away from a lumbering black and white rodent down by the river!  We used to get them circling the house on winter evenings but our livestock guardian dogs’ presence has kept them from bay the last few years.  Their presence is not surprising, however, because it is mating season for skunks and they are on the move!

  • Homemakers to host International Dinner March 25

    The annual Harrison County Homemakers International Dinner will be held Monday, March 25, at 6 p.m. at the Extension Office.
    Kelsey Knight will present a program about her year in Ghana. She will talk about working in a local middle school, working with farmers and her 4-H Club.
    She will also have some products she brought home, such as fabric, money, and beads that she collected in Ghana.
    The dinner will begin at 6:30 p.m. and is open to the public. Guests are asked to bring a covered dish and enjoy the evening’s fellowship.

  • Prepare your garden for April showers

    By Jessica Sayre, County extension agent for Horticulture
    There is no surer sign of spring than blooming gardens and flower beds, but what happens behind-the-scenes to get them to that point?
    Much of the work goes in before you even break the soil. Before you dig in, it’s important to choose the proper site, plan what you will be growing, and prepare the soil to yield the best possible results. A garden is nothing without a good foundation, making it extra important to choose the correct site.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. Can’t stomach
    6. Styling goo
    9. Hightailed it
    13. Ten million, in India
    14. “____ takers?”
    15. Like a girl
    16. Spanish small plates
    17. School of thought suffix
    18. Pay hike
    19. *Oscar nominated meet-the-parents thriller
    21. *He played Getty
    23. Right-angle building extension
    24. Splints site
    25. Mammoth site, e.g.
    28. Write on a tombstone
    30. Self-centeredness
    35. Land measure
    37. Crucifix

  • Schools, law enforcement work close to ensure student safety

    Safety is a top priority for the Harrison County School District and while that is a multi-faceted concept, it boils down to preparedness and cooperation, according to the following press release from the district on Tuesday.
    All of the schools in the district, as well as the board of education, have reception areas with safety glass and locked doors as a first line of defense.

  • School Menus

    Feb. 26-March 2
    * Menus subject to change due to weather and delivery.

    MONDAY: Breakfast pizza or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    TUESDAY: Bacon and toast or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    WEDNESDAY: Biscuit and gravy or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    THURSDAY: Sausage pancake wrap or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    FRIDAY: Muffin or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, choice of milk or juice.

  • Harrison County Farm Bureau celebrates Food Check-Out Week

    The cost of food in America remains affordable. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, American consumers spend, on average, just over 10 percent of their disposable income for food. That means the average household will have earned enough disposable income – that portion of income available for spending or saving – to pay for its annual food supply in about seven weeks, said Kentucky Farm Bureau president Mark Haney.

  • Kentucky Afield Outdoors: New fishing regulations for 2018

    Lee McCLELLAN,
    Kentucky Afield Magazine
    A reduction in the statewide daily creel limit from 30 fish to 20 fish for crappie highlights the new fishing regulations for 2018. The regulations go into effect March 1.

  • Allen Bond named medical director of radiology

    Harrison Memorial Hospital announces Allen Bond, M.D., as the new medical director of radiology. Bond replaces Dr. Doug Crutcher, who stepped down as medical director in January 2018. Crutcher has been the medical director of radiology at HMH since 1996 and remains at HMH as a full-time staff radiologist and the vice-chief of the HMH Medical Staff.

  • KCTCS celebrating Entrepreneurship Week

    Feb. 17-24 is national Entrepreneurship Week and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) is working with and helping create entrepreneurs around the state.
    For example, several colleges have business incubators right on campus. Ashland Community and Technical College began its program in 2004 with several goals, one of which was changing the culture of the region to include entrepreneurism as an economic development tool.