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  • LVC student shares cancer story with classmates

    When I contacted the personnel cabinet in August to find out what qualifications were necessary to apply for another position within the agency for which I work, I found out that in order for me to be considered for the position, I needed three more college credits.

    Therefore, I made a decision to enroll at Maysville Community and Technical College to attain the required hours.

  • Trial postponed in alleged sexual predator case

    The Dec. 10 trial for Thomas Vascotto was postponed after the Cynthiana man, charged as a sexual predator, changed attorneys.

    Vascotto was arrested in Pennsylvania in early August following a sting by the Attorney General?s sexual predator forces. He allegedly tried to make contact with what he believed was a 13-year-old girl with whom he had been chatting online and was going to have sex. The ?victim? was a police officer.

    A criminal complaint against Vascotto gives graphic details of Vascotto?s emails and telephone conversations of his intentions with the child.

  • Johnson is licensed to barber

    She?s been there just over two months. The walls and floors are still blue, and her father is still donning his blue smock every day.

    Margaret Johnson, Cynthiana?s newest barber, isn?t ready to go pink for her father Woody?s Barber Shop, but admits a neutral yellow would be nice.

    Johnson, 43, grew up around the barber shop and so it seemed the right fit for her to follow her father?s path once her son moved away from home.