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  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. *Fate of many “Game of Thrones” characters
    6. “Death ____ for Cutie”
    9. Back talk
    13. *America’s funniest?
    14. Spermatozoa counterparts
    15. Salk’s conquest
    16. 1/16 ounce, pl.
    17. For every
    18. Donor’s bequest
    19. *Cookie’s drama
    21. *”The ____ ____ Theory”
    23. “High” drink
    24. “Back in the ____,” The Beatles
    25. Not square

  • Cynthiana DAR
  • Christmas with my Uncle

    By Heather Spencer

    My favorite Christmas morning memory is being awakened by my brother, exclaiming that it’s Christmas.
    I remember that the older I got, it was my parents waking me and my brother up for Christmas, which sounds ironic because the kids were supposed to wake the parents up.

  • Good tools make great gifts

    Amassing a good set of gardening tools usually takes a while and the holiday season, with various traditions of gift giving, is a perfect time to help gardeners achieve that goal.  
    Good tools don’t come cheap but if you buy right the first time the investment pays off in the life of the tool and the efficiency of the job.  The right tool often means less time spent on tackling the chore.  

  • Woman’s club holds December luncheon

    The Woman’s Club of Harrison County met Friday, Dec. 9 at Hospice of the Bluegrass for their Christmas luncheon. Cheryl Case, president, welcomed members and guests then led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  
    Zenoa McCauley introduced Pat Powers who was her guest for the luncheon.  
    Layne Tussey catered the meal. She served hot chicken salad, country ham and biscuit, pretzel salad and red velvet cake. Anna Ruth McLoney gave the blessing of the meal.

  • New Millennium Homemakers
  • Christmas Eve

    By Max Sparks

    The smell of warm, gooey cookies fills the air, wafted around our house by the gently rising hot air from the fire place.
    Embers crackled in the freshly stoked fire, popping randomly in an unexpected, but calming rhythm. The heat radiates outward to engulf every nook and cranny. The oven beeps to sound off the finishing or Christmas dinner. That pesky appliance has never sounded so lovely.
    Monotonous chimes somehow morph into the most harmonious symphony my ears have ever experienced.

  • Way Back When

    10 years ago . . .
    Births announced this week are: Haley Michelle Williams, Nov. 20, daughter of Robbie Williams and Crystal Tolliver; Athelia Kate Buckler, Dec. 8, daughter of Anjanette and Michael Buckler; Cayden Thomas Berry, Nov. 27, son of George and Deanna Berry.
    With a $15 million expansion soon to open, Harrison Memorial Hospital is preparing to move and expand the ambulatory service and endoscopy to new facilities in the expansion.

  • Dear Santa,

    Dear Santa,
    I have really tried to be good this year. I helped pick up my dirty clothes off the floor, played with my brother and only sometimes left my toys on the floor. In case my Aunt Lucy isn’t sending you my messages; I would really like a spiderman mask and basketball goal for the tub. I would also like you to get something for the little kids and babies who don’t have anything, Since I have a lot of toys! I love babies Santa Claus so make sure you give them a kiss for me!

  • Christmas Eve splendor

    By Isaac Sims

    The holidays. A way to make life a little brighter, even if the world outside is shifting to twilight. Laughing with family, taking in the glow of the red and blue lights, hanging like colorful stars from a sweet, sticky pine. Looking at the wrapped  surprises of hopes of loved ones sitting beneath the towering tree, dreaming of the joys that would proceed.