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  • Officiating: How is it?

    I really like to talk about football officiating.  I like to listen to others talk about football officiating.  I especially like to listen when the people doing the talking think they know the rules but couldn’t be more wrong.
    There is always a lot of talk about officiating in sports of all kind but in my opinion more people are wrong about, or over-react, to football officiating.  
    I have many examples, though not as many as I might, because I rarely sit in the stands during a high school game.  

  • Sports Beats

    Fillies to host Fall Clinic
    in high school gym
    The Harrison County Basketball Fillies are hosting a Fall Clinic the first two Saturdays of November.  The clinics will be Saturday, Nov. 5 and Saturday, Nov. 12 on the Hilltop.  
    The sessions will be from 9 to 11 a.m. both mornings. The Fillies coaching staff led by head coach Kim Furnish will be there for instruction in fundamentals as will some of the varsity Fillies.  

  • Cosmos U10 Tournament Champions
  • Bowling Results

    Cynthiana Business 10/26/16
    1 Premier Carpet Cleaning W 28.0/L 8.0
    2 Man On W 26.0/L 10.0
    3 Galactic Alley W 24.0/L 12.0
    4 D’s Nutz W 23.0/L 13.0
    5 Wachter Roofing W 20.0/L 16.0
    6 Colmansville Store & Grill W 18.0/L 18.0
    7 Sports Unlimited W 17.0/L 19.0
    8 Legacy Log & Timber W 17.0/L 19.0
    9 CW’s Crew W 17.0/L 19.0
    10 Houdini Diesel W 17.0/L 19.0
    11 Hisle Motorsports W 17.0/L 19.0
    12 B/L Dry W 15.0/L 21.0
    13 Double O W 9.0/L 27.0

  • Viewpoint
  • Forty-four inducted to HCMS Junior Beta Club

    Lee Kendall,
    News Writer

    Harrison County Middle School principal Mike McIntire urged the new inductees into the HCMS Junior Beta Club to be more ‘selfless’ and to challenge themselves academically.
    On Thursday night, Oct. 27, at the Harrison County High School auditorium, 44 sixth, seventh and eighth graders were recognized and inducted into the Junior Beta Club during the Harvest Induction Ceremony.

  • McEwan flies on 96th birthday

    Lee Kendall,
    News Writer

    We’ve all been there.
    What do you get someone for their birthday who, shall we say, is “more experienced.”
    How many ties, pair of socks and underwear can one man possible need?
    As far as the fairer gender, more specifically a woman pushing triple digits, what do you get her?
    What kind of unique and fun birthday gift  could one possibly get for someone who has pretty much seen and done it all?

  • Preceptor Omega Sorority
  • Grinsteads celebrate anniversary
  • Tree bark and winter interest

    There are certain trees that consistently remain my favorites.  When I think about their common characteristics, one thing stands out: the bark.  Interesting bark is always there, whether the tree is leafing out, blooming, or showing dramatic fall color.  Bark remains constant whether the tree is good, bad, pretty or ugly.