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  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Proclamation
    6. FEMA provisions, e.g.
    9. “____” by Van Halen
    13. *Like the Fonz
    14. Go a-courting
    15. Saints’ lights
    16. Holy water holder
    17. To carry, as in heavy suitcase
    18. Lowest point
    19. *Sabrina, Kelly and Jill
    21. *Tom Selleck’s private investigator character
    23. *”Wide World of Sports” opened with a failed ___ jump
    24. *Otis’ room on “The Andy Griffith Show”
    25. Chance occurrence

  • Making music part of daily life can benefit kids

    (StatePoint) While most schools offer a baseline level of music education, many programs are limited and sometimes classroom instruments can be scarce.  Exposure to music, however, offers people of all ages a number of benefits -- from reduced stress to improved coordination and academic outcomes. There are many things families can do to enrich their musical lives. Here are some fun ways to make more music together.

    Gather Round the Piano

  • HCMS Reading County
  • Honor Roll

    St. Edward School
    Honor Roll
    Omitted from the first quarter honor roll was Calvin Heimlich, all A’s.

  • Honor Roll

    The Eastside Elementary Honor Roll for the first nine weeks includes:
    Fourth Grade
    Jaydon Abbott, Christian Barnett, *Brooke Bennett, Christian Brown, Barton Chasteen, *Kylar Childress,  Paul Copes, Madison Cox,  James Frazier Dailey, Dylan Duckworth, *Justin Duncan,  *Bethany Franklin, *Joshua Garrison, Jenna Gaunce, *Keegan Gravette, *Wyles Harney, *Kaylee Hawkins;

  • HCHS Speech Team
  • Honor Roll

    The Harrison County Middle School Honor Roll for the first nine weeks includes:
    Sixth Grade - All A’s
    Kendall Box, Rachel Clifford, Kathyraine Coghill, Arya Curtis, Jazmin Dietrich, Jason Gant, Liza Gossett, Hailey Herrington, Will Johnson, Madalynn Jones, Amber Kern, Jessalyn Kuntz, Ben Lemmings, Caden Maners, Patrick Marshall, Laurel McDaniel, Sara McLoney, Kaylee Brooke    Northcutt, Austin Pack, Molly Perkins, Aaron Pickett, Hope Stiltner, Jensen Sullivan, Raven Sullivan, Jaelyn Terhune.
    Sixth Grade - A/B

  • Beef Check-off Referendum scheduled for Nov. 20

    On Nov. 20, Kentucky will hold a Beef Check-off Referendum. Each county will vote at their local extension office. The Harrison County Extension Office will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to receive your vote. Your votes will then be forwarded to Frankfort for Harrison County.
    The following is a fact sheet answering any questions or concerns you may have regarding the check-off referendum. If you have additional questions, feel free to call the Extension Office at 859-234-5510 or the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association at 859-278-0899.

  • Make your infants weird this Halloween

    It’s scary sometimes what the internet teaches me about myself.
    When just browsing on the web, I try to resist clicking links to the teaser articles that have numbers in their headlines.
    You know the types of ‘articles’ I’m talking about:
    “7 Oscar-winning actors who started out as slasher movie victims”;
    “The 12 greatest horror movies you’ve never seen”;
    “8 words about 12 high-calorie desserts from 21 greasy spoon cafes in the American south.”

  • A ride to remember: 25 miles to a cure

    By Nancy Greene, Guest columnist
    Cancer has touch all of us in some way and we all want to help however we can.
    Madeline Sparks wanted more than anything to ride her horse, Emmitt, with her mother Jeanne in the NARTC trail competition, which was in September 2104.
    The ride would be held at East Fork Stables in Tennessee. East Fork Stables is part of The Big South Fork National Park. So a goal was set.
    Madeline would ride her “soul horse” Emmit.